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  1. Actually you are crying like a kid. My works softwares are worse than the software that you Mentioned. I am needing to use a lot of web analysis and network debugging. Screen shotting and keyboard logging is nothing. I can know how L2 is working via that with few efforts. You are just spreading hates to hide your friend's fault and pointing out others fault and crying like why only me. Isn't that possible hackers trying to use your friend's IP? that's why I said if you think you are victim you find out. But if you don't know how to, you Are a ceo of online game business, how will you solv
  2. Mate, I don't really know your cases, but your case is so simple, you were banned while fishing. This is only you say so. What is the case behind? did you do something wrong? If you are a victim of other people's action, find out that. But NCWest is official server. They didn't do that kind of action without strong reasons. Example, 2 years ago, My friend couldn't logged in to server while NCWest implemented AI based game protection system. He did try to log in with automatic log in system. as soon as he tired, his account was banned forever. A whole clan tried to summit tickets for him.
  3. This is the third time :D. I think she is paying back to players cuz she was raided everyday.
  4. I found some player dead while selling or buying with private shop in aden. I don't know what is it. And they are dead for sure because I can resurrect them. But some player only.
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