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  1. While we all discuss the event, the ninja patches of NC are always present, no one disputes that this is a bad thing that the GK is paying, we just thought that they should warn us, but the SA of the ARMAS APO now costs 30 GEMS R and the second SA costs 187, when before it came out 20 and 40 respectively NINJAA PATCHE NINJA PATCHA NINJAA PATCHE !!! HAHAHAHAHAH
  2. what SA a wynn should have?

    Poor idiot who only defends his posture insulting , without numbers of damage or anything, you are the true "trash player", the same arrogance that gives ignorance. It gives me some pity, for players like you nobody gives party to wynn in high lvl dungeon.
  3. what SA a wynn should have?

    You can tell you're an idiot who never used a wynn or read his skill, see if he gives p. critical damage (7% x for a 15% /transfer is = 1% of critical damage transferred to the summon) of transfer of that, just an idiot, to think that the markas do not render in pve, it is even more idioti, there are mob that are very weak to magic. Go back to the game and read your skills noob. and plis dont give advices if you not have idea, and less opinion of the advice of another, when clearly you do not know anything about the game.
  4. what SA a wynn should have?

    The best SA for wynn summoner is 1 SA P.atac, because what else you transfer to the summon is P.atac, and the second SA M.atac to do more damage with the marks, if you have a second SA. Critical damage only happens to the summon 2% ... it is practically nothing. and For Pvp the 3 SA with HP, the third SA if you surrender to the Wynn HP because you also transfer HP to the summon and 5% of p.atac will not make a huge difference, because it happens to the summon 3.5% approximately.
  5. Iss skill bugg

    Like several people in the game, I've noticed that many iss used the red Libra to intentionally bug their iss, so they are iss spectral dancer or hiero with skill warcry pre-aweken. How can you allow this? I have observed some wynn summoner tb that are EM and can call pre-aweken cats arcana lord, this is so bad, and I think they should fix it.
  6. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    the bugg of the Wynn class of the markas + exile continues, an idiot in the game said it was solved but it is not, the only tactic that the wynn in pvp had is destroyed. Conguero if you want so much to improve the game start by fixing that, which is a unique error of our server, the wynn class is debased, you could check the stat of the summon, an iss with a cutter amarantine +8 can kill my summon 103 with 3 aoes ... this is not normal.