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  2. :p I found a nice .gif to express my self about the last "ncwest show"

    what a joke, you dont like your main anymore? make an other toon .... Have fun noobs
  4. Scammers in chronos

    well NC soft is responsible of this situation, by the fact they dont make all items tradable and organise this scam INDIRECTLI . All ppl here dont have the opportunity to buy NC coins so they have to have "TRUST" in people.... In that NCsoft is responsible of the situation. But dont expect for compensation from them..... just find the fair traders.... there's a lot ingame
  5. Crystal of Determination

    might be a good idea

    Hi , Is it possible to have some informations about the black friday promotion by ncsoft? thx

    @Juji I ve thousands of hero coins on my account, maybe time to make an event or reward or whatever action for the people who make this old game still alive before the doom? Thx And for the Whiners : " What? Oh yeah big surprise it s a P2W game !!!
  8. MShames

    DIVELOOSER = People call you like that cause are a clown, like all your clannies, useless, wannabe and non factor, all are synonym of JustUnited, so enjoy you killed afk people... Sometimes you win , and almost all the times you (dive)loose so... enjoy it, get your vodka, beer , but this time, don t kick your members. Let me remind you your fabulous story : 1) Bartz : you tried to be someone and you failed .... you were a clown 2) Naia : You tried to be someone and you failed ... again... 'Marx brothers recruited you?' 3) Chronos : You tried to be someone and you failed... again and again.... clown4ever ! 4) Chronos : You leave MS after 2 weels cause you didnt get dragon claws LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 5) The question : did u succeed something in this game? lol (tell me who is 'Da Joke' .... Divelooser ofc!) So, except trashtalking and killing afk ppl .... WE ALL WONDER ; What are you doing in this game? Why you stay in game? : let me tell you , it will be more easy: Because the only 'wannabe' is you !!! Worst than that you are a has been; an error in this game... Let me saying this too : You are so deseperate that you need to post video when you kill someone .... omg !!!!! so lame ! BTW any good plan in the future? cause we all know that you are an architect of stupidity.; How you convince people to follow you? What did you tell them? what kind of pinky stories you invent? Worst how people can follow you lol .... when they realise who you are they will leave .... if they stay, it s probably that they are like you, Forest ! DIVELOOSER*= so, this nick is really good for you .... you failed everything you started, i expect u can do better in real life, but it seems , you have only lineage2 in your life, so, who's the wannabe? yeah .... start to cry a river .... and pm support to report the post ofc, you are champion in that... i remember the time when you said to your clannies to report llllllllllllll and VnDragonx I bet you still encourage them to do that lol ..... things will ever be the same, dont you! tard! Regards, Priester *VntrashTM
  9. ..

    lol yeah good job, it s a perma ban according ncsoft new policies .... really good job PS : if u made him pk in an other place maybe you could have some credit, but in hellbound, it s sure, it s afk macro ....
  10. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    As i said ; you really need help .... remove bsoe skills from your bar and maybe people on chronos will give u some respect.... you so lol, i can't believe you don t realise it yet... omg Anyway, this answer will be the last. I don t give you more attention. Non-factor dont deserve a name on this forum ! /ignore
  11. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    first of all look at this : fresh pvp of the day : First of all : try to get skills and gameplay. Then go to a shrink for two things, first for your inferiority complexe... posting video where you kill afk/semi afk ppl dont make you a warrior , just an opportunist killer wich is useless all agree with that cause on pvp you are nowhere... and second reason is that you really need to undersand that this game is MMO.... so asking for 1 vs 1 lol u need help sorry. And try to make friends.... Ah no, not possible, like divekiotm you betray everybody in this game , even your old clan cp member! i totally forgot it. I accept the fact also that you have probably the same problem than the master of stupidity aka DivekioTM but for that i can t help, problem with alcohol is not my business. What i see is 2 poor morons crying and posting video like desesperate people. I wonder how much you are....So be my guest post again and again.... u still one shot guy, you will be forverer. Only 1 advice ; Stop making video, wake up early, find a job !!! and leave game it's too dangerous for your mental health (regarding the video u posted) PS : on this video u die one shot by unstuffed iAthina what i can say : Gratz molensa !!! you were, are, and will be a foking damn noob With all my love Priester
  12. Pre-Siege warm up

    Vn carpet forever Nothing change, new server and still carpet .... nothing else to say
  13. Hi all, 1. Where you're from : Belgium 2. Char name and class: Original name was : Snipeyes, Feoh StormScreamer 3. Original server : Devianne 4. Level and % today : 105 / 105 + 20% 5. How many times did you quit and come back : 1 short break 5 months on AION