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  1. it's time to increase the amount of adena on each account, i dont know why they dont do it, battle against mob is endless so, it s obvious, that after a time you have a tonz of adena. Might be nice to increase the amount to 10 terra bil on inventory and on warehouse. thx to listen to your player base wtf is wrong with you, arent you pay to make this game great again, and helping your players to enjoy the game ?
  2. yes, i can accept it was a mistake, but it reveal how you consider your player base.... time to make this game great as it should be !!!
  3. Damn, imagine 50% of server geared with dw st 1-2-3 the pvp will be awsome ... only Rmtier will cry
  4. Hi all, 1800 boxes opened - 1 shining talsiman of protection....? event after event, people have the feeling to be scammed..... Time to @Juji (producer, community manager)to support the customers, time to give a compensation to all the players who payed a lot for nothing in return..... due to the simple fact that most of the interesting and usefull things are IMPOSSIBLE TO GET without paying real cash (nccoins). And even if you pay you have litterally no chance to get them . Maybe time for us to stop gambling... i think we have more chances to win the lottery t
  5. I read here and there that a new company come? A merge between company? someone here have some info? thx
  6. Well, since the end of the "great" xp boost we had 1 month ago, the server (chronos) is dead, I m wondering why on NCwest nothing is done to improve the game by organising some event, some new game... GM lack of creativity.. Only ca$h event or free event ... I remember a time where lineage2 was a game...... now i can't say it's a game .... There s no pleasure at all .... So any chance to get something to do soon? Except log in and make party running afk macro 24/7? for no reward, no adena, no xp, no pvp? Well nothing.... The only reason i stil log everyday .... my cp to keep the cont
  7. I know, I think they can do something to adapt the time by reducing the lenght before the final fight at 2 or 3 am for me(for example) anyway, if a GM take 5 min and check the game, they will see : Demangus or Ikarigan taking them in 1 seconde and then hidding for hours in Stormisle to take advantage over euro players... so sorry to break your dream Pope, but NCsoft must do something to make the game FAIR FOR ALL and not only FOR YOU propve the only guys who have almost all the bloods everyday making money and craft weapons while 50% of the servers are sleeping.... There s no reason, Euro play
  8. Distorsion of the truth Pope ! YOu want more PVP, just support EURO players and ask to put the Sword at the same time of Olympiad Time, as all can see you and all others US boys dont have any problem to log and participate to the oly ... So let's have fun all together. To me there's absolutly no serious reason to not let playing everybody. Then you will have your MASS PVP as u wish and not 60-80 ppl VS 14 ..... Why It's Always the same ppl having the TOP stuff from the game.... this will totally unbalance a bit more the game in a near future. I remember you all, that it seems
  9. Cannot say better, for me it's obvious I can t understand why it s always the same guys who have the cursed sword ! OFC things must have to change for all, i see a lot of activities when it s siege, So why not giving the chance to all the l2 community to get a blood... Is it a ncsoft will to let NOVA and PROPVE the get all the blood possible? and let more than 50% on the side of the game.......
  10. @Juji IS IT POSSIBLE TO REPLY TO THIS .....??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Can you please confirm that the damage bonus from a dragon weapon is working on Dragon type monsters found in areas such as fafurion/dragon valley?
  11. I feel sorry for those who try to improve their characters, i understand totaly the feeling : you feel like you get scammed? OFC you are ! Gambling 50 or 100$ to get 1 bottle.... i don't have any other words.... if u get at least 100 bottles.. i could say "ok , u don t loose all.. No matter of what ppl are saying ; you probably tried 2 or 3 times and u get 3 focking stupid bottlles..... People who don't spend or not try will laugh at you ofc they get the benefit of playing a game for free, they have weak characters in game but they open their mouth on forum like they are ncsoft employees
  12. hey guys, if u take this quest, with an OVERLOADED INVENTORY you can t collect the items (crumbs of penitnce) even if u have the quest and the penitent mark in the inventory. regards, PS : @Juji maybe inform the gm team, cause "it seems" they dont know about that.
  13. What you say is the only truth NCwest is sinking, player base are leaving everyday and not only ms.....
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