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  1. Hello. I would like to trade Tarbar +6 for Elven Bow +9 and MORE. If u have +10 or more i can also add some Adena. Mail me here in PM or mail me in game 'Rzezimieszek 'SatanSama
  2. y but he got banned bcouse his account name was suspicious so it means u cant use any account name but it must be realistic - there is no info when u create account that random symbol account names are inproper and suspicious = he got banned for nothing. Also it was his mistake he didnt write the correct date of birth but it should be possible to change it via account panel - they only gave option to change it by contacting support = if youre not banned yet u will be after contacting them Every other game services have option to change infos - here, with the birth date u have to contact suppo
  3. he gave them e-mail first and last name, all info from his credit card, all passwords etc its more than enough to confirm his identity BUT if u wrote the fake date of birth and u cant remember it u wont get unbanned tell me how many players did actually write the true date of birth. 1/2? 3/5?
  4. its more account name not character nick - gold sellers use 'wetgwrgerge' couse they need to create lot of those to spam. Such account name can make your accoutn banned and if your date of birth was also fake and u cant confirm it it will not get unbanned. So the wave of bans we had few days ago was based on ppl who put a random account name couse they didnt care then and they got banned for 'no reason' = this was the reason. Whole forum was spammed by 'do something with adena sellers' so they decided they will ban all accounts with suspicious account name and if they cant wrify date of bi
  5. what is your account name?:) is it regular or some random symbols like 'ergergervdfg'? Did u put there real date of birth or fake? They see the account name that could be adena seller - they ban it and then they ask you for verification. if any of info u wrote during registration was fake and u dont remember it u wont be able to unban your account. my buddy dont remember the date of birth he gave them during registration and they said they wont unban it even if he confirmed all other 4 infos they asked for gl
  6. they didnt give him any reason for the ban i mean the only thing possible is his random account name 'fgdfgerhgrh' so they assumed its some random adena seller i guess so they banned account and tried to confirm its his account i dont know.. he gave them all 4 infos they asked for but he failer to give them birth of date couse it also was random = if he cant give them the proper birth date they wont reply anymore and wont unban his account = permaban. so everyone who gave the fake date birth while creating account - your account wont be unbanned till u give them date of birth and if its fa
  7. Hello L2 community! Not so long ago we had 'random ban wave' without any explaination from devs. I was almost sure, that only illegal soft users gets them at the end but when mu buddy got banned we checked all posibilities and we found out what was the reason of ban - so here is explaination. He didnt use any 3rd party program, he didnt buy adena from sellers and he didnt spam for adena sell, he also had no problems with his credit card. So what was the reason? He named his account randomly like 'ggsdfggrge' and it was enough for NC to ban this account not givving the reason but im als
  8. i mean if someone kills the other someone he goes to jail instantly. I cant imagine the cops just walking around acting like they didnt see anything, like the crime was not commited, even if theyre obligated to respect and EXECUTE the law. if botters do not get banned.. MORE! if all info about their 'crime' is instantly deleted from foum to not discriminate poor criminals it means botting is allowed or at least there are no consequences.
  9. its common that companies are selling their 'products' like this. Wargaming? 3k euros tank codes that are unable to get? who sells it randoms or company? ofc company. You can make a website and get free domain in like 2 min. They will not ban adena sellers they just implemented a button where you can mute them. Im 99% sure that NC is unoficially selling adena. Adena grinders have to invest time into getting that currency - NC can just generate endless amounts of adena anytime = 100% profit. Im almost sure they also dont ban bots becouse they have high VIP statuses. If you would run a compan
  10. they should make max lvl 40 and the problem is gone
  11. i suggest you making another post with the same video. If they prefer wasting time in locking such topics MORE than gettin rid of bots for good - its their choice.
  12. no. post all the bots u find here with screens and nicks. they do not investigate such cases on forum? so lets allow potential players see how many bots are here on the server, eventually if theyll close this topic i will start another, and another, and another untill they will start rewieving those cases inhere.
  13. how long were u afk on regen? more than 20 min? there are people who will report you as bot just becouse you take their spot or seeing you're afk so u loose your account. There are 20 minutes to write werification code when someone report u when u came back when the time was up u get banned
  14. Selling adena by them is not so problematic, couse players spend adena on market anyway and it helps overall server economy and reduce prices of items and materials. Anyway they cannot officially admit it or add adena packs in L2 Store couse it makes the game more pay 2 win and it would be obvious - they act as a random adena sellers from outside. And you're right ofc bots ruin the game and they should implement new bot report and verification system. If they would delegate 1 person who would control bot reports immediately for 1-2 weeks banning them instantly im sure people would think 10x be
  15. Bots are mainly run by 'companies' that sells adena. There are a lot of those in China for example - its common like call centers u get a job where u farm adena. I will say more - im preety concerned that NCSoft sells adena too, without the brand name ofc with some custom website (which takes 1 hour to create). Other companies like for example Wargaming do it also selling super expensive tank codes on ebay - those are impossible to get by regular people. This is great business, when u earn 5+ dollars for 100k adena u dont have to farm couse its your game and u can generate items. U wont get ba
  16. Hey i have another question. Anyone know what are the chances of getting each prize? Im only getting candies when it says that we can get EWD? Wizard Hat? anyone received something else than candies? Or the chances are equal to spoil and drop rates?:D:D:D
  17. no, thats your perception of what 'fair play' means. playin on this server is your privilige, and NCSoft dont have to do anything with the current state as this game is their creation, working on their servers and even 'your' account belongs to them and they can do what they want. I dont care about kids (neither NCsoft), couse they do not own legal personality. Anyone who use 'kids' as an argument have no other arguments. Games, especially hardcore korean grinders arent made for kids and theyre not even main recipents. Your metaphores are even weaker than your arguments then, if i wasnt able t
  18. pay 1$ and save your precious 12 hours of queue. youre spending millions of millions of dollars and cant pay for VIP ?:D last weekend it took 10 hours for me to log secondary account without VIP what makes children special? what gives them priviliges to log faster? they can use the time in queue to do bleepin homework for once or prepare for exams. People under 18 (at some cases 21) cant get employed - dont have a job (officially) and arent main NCsoft target. Now we also have queues for VIP players, and it reaches 150-180 at some hours. Conclusion: time have the bisggest value for you a
  19. this works fine for me: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page
  20. they are not goin to create fourth 1account/PC server couse its not worth it. They allowed multiboxing so people pay multiple times for VIP status. One customer have 3 accounts = he paid 3x more than he would pay if he had one account. And even with one account there are hundreds of people whining for 1$ / month - this is not NC Soft target group. You dont pay = u dont have a potential value in their eyes and its 100% rational. 4th server = one more server to pay for and delegate people for customer services = costs. Only 1 window / user = even less money couse here comes a wave of declared
  21. so i want refund for payments on my 2 secondary accounts then.
  22. i guess not. Thre are many ppl that paid for 3x or more VIP accounts and now NC would take that from them limiting windows to 2? impossible. They created this server to make business, to earn money. F2P is model that allows you to play without paying money - wait your 12 h in queue and play :D:D:D. Increase limits? not going to happen, bcouse players must have a choice and slight difference between non-paid and paid accounts. Benefict is +exp + drop etc. but the 'hidden' and key feature is no queue, and its their marketing trick. OFC u have to pay 80 coins for VIP 1 for month, but the mi
  23. its 5$ for 400 coins pack = 5 x 80 coins = 5 months of VIP status so its 1$ for month
  24. paying users were never equal with f2p users, maybe in some cases like League of Legends etc. but not in MMORPG's. hundreds of topics and hundreds of hours wasted in queue in order to save 1 DOLLAR / month :D:D uahahahahhahahaha
  25. what if people paid for VIP on multiple accounts? NC will never let that happen due to PAYING uers. Server exists because some people pay. The most hate on forum is generated by those who didnt pay a penny and are not going to.
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