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  1. Daggers need to be boosted for pvp. I suggest putting into Dagger's passive skills a "ignore mana shield" passive so a Dagger can hit and damage it's target just as effectively and fairly as it can any other class of character to make the game more fair to the Dagger class. Clearly this nuker's mana shield was intended to make nukers easier to xp on mobs with and not to make them invincible against pvp. This nukers mana shield has been used and abused for too long now. Fix it.
  2. Wait! Don't close the thread yet! I still have 2 more cents to throw into the till !!! LineageII was originally created to be a pvp + pve game. ( Well it used to be a lot more fun than it is now, had tons of fun quests to do, and since then all the fun quests have slipped by the wayside; but that is neither here nor there.) I think fun and fun quests should deservedly be posted as a different forum thread topic. Please exsqueeze me for rambling. It used to be that the word "CAREBEAR" was used almost exclusively to denote low level pve players who either would not or could no
  3. >@oscar2132< I disagree with you. Your opinion matters little to me. You do not set policy in this game. By making the game 'more fun' and playable for many more players in castle siege these 'happier' players will most likely buy much more Ncoin and NcSoft's profits will skyrocket as a result.
  4. Change the game so that 5 kills does not start off a war. Make it so that if one clan declares war on another clan that the clan being warred must accept the war for the war to be started. If the clan being warred rejects the war invitation then there is no war. This is so easy and fair to everyone. In this way the top-tier over-geared pvp clans won't need to fear lowbies in small clans. This solution will bring much joy to many players in the game who could then participate in castle sieges without the fear of having a war on them just because they wanted to have some fun at a castle
  5. Hey I just seen that now my mentor has to be logged in for me to have my mentor buffs. You must have changed that today. Well anyway you should change it back to where the mentor DOES NOT need to be logged in for mentees to have their mentor buffs. I have a very good reason as to why you should change it back: Requiring mentors to be logged into game just so mentees have their mentor buffs ADDS TO OUR LAG by making a whole lot of toons stay logged into game who might otherwise be logged out of game. I think that might help the server to avoid the "server is at maximum capa
  6. Tell us your story NCsoft. Please avoid using the classic "Soon"(R) statement. That horse has been beaten into the ground.
  7. All these lag issues for so long now really kind of makes me wonder what the Lineage II game servers consist of in the way of what type of hardware actually makes them up. Can any GM post photos of the inside of the NCwest server rooms? No? Probably not right? It's probably a top-secret sort of topic that cannot be shown for fear the competition might get a glimpse of it right? Or is it really that reason? I'm more and more beginning to doubt that line of thinking. Don't get me wrong; I honestly don't have any idea of what the inside of MMORPG computer room looks like or what it is s
  8. Oh wow; that's not the answer I was looking for but thank you for your reply. I think NcSoft should bring back that webpage. I need to find old clannies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRING BACK THE PAGE BRING BACK THE PAGE BRING BACK THE PAGE
  9. Hi I am interested to re-connect with some old players in L2 that I used to party with. I know at one time NcSoft used to have a webpage up about players who used the NcSoft Namechange Service showing these old player's names alongside of the new name's they acquired through the Namechange Service and where I might find this webpage with the old/new names on it.
  10. So then me and every one of my clannies have lost a HUGE amount of XP after this 'emergency maintenance'. NOBODY is happy and everyone is p###ed. What gives? Do something fast GM's !!!
  11. I don't know about everybody else; but I actually like the idea of rebooting the server every 24 hours to free up hunting areas from people gone afk for extended periods or even falling asleep. (It Happens.) This gives more live players the opportunity to xp in this highly competitive environment.
  12. What's wrong with going back to the old-school way of doing Beta Test Servers for new big patches like we just got? It would save people a lot of time, aggravation, lost/wasted ncoin and grief. Bring back beta test servers.
  13. Hi, a great idea here: A time-saving idea. Put something on the game launcher's first screen that we see that will show "Server Status" right away so we don't have to hit the "Start Game" button just to find that "The Client Will Be Closed, Continue?"
  14. My ISS was unable to cast his Bison buff today. Can you guys please pencil this in on your list of things needing to be fixed? I and my ISS both thank you in advance. Varhalla 102 DoomCryer ISS
  15. Will Eviscerators also be receiving the "new Novice Class Skills" even though they never did have any subclasses?
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