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  1. Really it took You 2 weeks ? It's actually clown fiesta. Didn't even thought that You gonna destroy this servers so fast. Just check online on prime times on both servers...
  2. What NEW ppl You are talking about ? A lot of left already, and You can trust me will be worse for sure...
  3. Known Issue: VIP Daily Box Tier 1 Missing from the Store

    Is that a bad joke ? You know about that issue, but not doing anything with it at all ? Good job once again. Talking Island and Giran not even heavy anymore, keep doing like that, and soon we will have empty servers.
  4. The best and so stupid reason they give about low rates is cos of bots, to not get them profit... Dear Hime just please log in into game and check how many bot party keep farming without shots, they just don't care what rates You will give cos they run 24/7, and You only hurt LEGIT players, which can't be online all the time to earn something. For all of You population are just numbers, but we all know who from our friends already decide to leave this servers. All the empty spots are taken by new bots, so You just think that everything is ok while it's not. The biggest problem is that You do the same mistakes You were doing on Live servers. But ppl aren't so stupid and decide to leave much quickly than before, because we all know where is that going.
  5. With this kind of random locations update they did today, better to turn off all the servers, and just launch them in 10 years... Maybe at this time they gonna be ready. Since I feel that @Hime just lie to me today, since they keep saying about update ALL THE LOCATIONS not just some random places. This is actually big joke. I am just mad, but mad about myself that AGAIN I belive in words of Admins of this region...
  6. KS is for reported?

    Party of known scripters reporting for using 3rd part program, ahahahah this is joke actually
  7. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    Dear @Hime and @Juji and also rest of players... I just want to tell You that Classic version of lineage 2 IS NOT the old one that You've played many years ago. Classic is new product from korea which includes new features like new skills, and other things. Regions which You are talking about have 3x times less XP but there is also adena 3x higher from mobs. Instead of crying on forum about bugged regions just spend some time to test it. That just show that Juji and he's staff which is working on this project doesn't have any idea about version they deliver to ppl, because You trying to fix that... So all You need to rework is the rates, because we all know that they are just to low and the login issue. Cheers.
  8. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    Hey @Hime thank You for giving us all the informations we need. What do You think guys about allow 2 accounts only per PC ? Atm servers are full, but mostly full cos of ppl which are able to open 3 and more clients, cos have more PC's at home or whatever how they are doing that. Imo this could solve a bit problem with queue aswell, and keep this game in party content, not running with army of boxes... That's not the point of l2... Please let me know if this is at some point even able to do, and what You think about that also.
  9. Stream [dUdot]

    How dare You to please anything here? Wanna test if ranger is working ? lol seems You are happy that Your friend came back
  10. Heroes, September 2018

    Does even dh have 21 members in clan? This post is one big lie, cos 90% of this "dh feedros" are not even in clan. Dubot as always top propaganda.
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    The chance is 50% - it's simple will fail or not
  12. Nova nova nova RIP RIP RIP

    Uhhh I see You are so happy that finally after one year You won any fight, only cos ppl left, really so brave xClown
  13. Heroes, August 2018

    Tempy and aizen came into this topic to lick dudot balls, mby this time there will not be rejected mad kid vol 2...
  14. When are you gonna fix website?

    First of all check if You have enough money to pay. Try to buy lover amount of coins and You will see that Its working. Or You already bought more than system allow per month. Just make ticket directly to support instead typing on forum.
  15. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    Siege on Chronos is non stop pvp for 2h? Did You made Your own server, called it Chronos and fighting with town guards for 2h?