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  1. WTS Elmore Cloak + 15 - Top Augments 7.5 p skill crit damage 15% p/m skill Power. Type Your offers here, or send me an pm message on forum. Cheers.
  2. yea that's also a problem, if drop stay on the ground it's lagging server... @Juji can You bring this to dev's? An auto pick-up thing, not just only adena, all things.
  3. Guys I don't need any advice what I should do... I just want an auto pick up feature, since we pick up adena anyway auto, so why not gather all craps we drop?
  4. Hello! Is this possible that You will bring an auto pick up option to dev team? While farming with yul this feature could really help, and save some time to gather loot which fall down a bit far away from Your farm place. I know that some time ago You boosted a bit pick up range, but while there are range mobs it's still not enough, and if drop fall down to far away I'm not able to pick it up.
  5. You told us, that L2 Wiki is for other regions, and it's not suitable with our, and now bring it up for reference?
  6. The only one price which should be raised here is from Your internet provider, to stop You using it at all. Why You even speak while You don't have idea what is going on? 700m in hour... Price for ncoins was 2,5kk/each, and You want to tell me that was low? It went down now to ~1,5/1.
  7. HAHAHAHA ! This joke, even NPC in town saying about Isle of Souls boost, but You decide to play Your own game and destroy it. Such a great Anniversary! @Juji
  8. So explain me who did a mistake? While in patchnotes there is info that base xp bonus is 20b... Or probablly You've changed it to cover mistake...
  9. Putting store promo without any details about it? WoW it's so classic, this kind of ignorance... Do You atleast know what game You are TRYING to run guys?
  10. @Juji imperial tomb and storm isle boost isn't working. Instead of destroying ios focus on post corect information...
  11. This is joke. All the time investigating, all the time monitoring instead keep ppl playing this game You push them all the time out. All time zones got boosted for the 16th aniversary, and ofc You decide to destroy ios, no idea why... Eh.
  12. Congrats once again @Hime @Juji You bring back the opurtunity to collect more cursed weapons, while didn't repair actuall problem which is still here, instead of that You prefer to destroy gameplay by killing ingame farm. Cursed weapon is broken, cos still when You trade it to other player skills reset, and You can all the time close some1 to cage. Is it relly how this weapon have to work? Today was first time when I saw healer with bow, just to close some1 into cage, and right after transfer weapon to other person to close other. GG. Keep it going like that. We are getting really close.
  13. @Juji Will we get any official statment, are You planning to do something with IOS, since it's place to farm adena. Are You consider to rework it?
  14. The funniest part of this they made is that You make allmost same adena on storm isle now, while it's not adena area... Seem's that someone is trying to fool us here... Bring the ios like it was before update, and no one here will even complain. Most of players agree that when You bring new chronicle it was broken, but atm can't be like this, listen to Your community, or You defend adena sellers? Cos mby it's intended to protect their bussines (mby Your also).
  15. so? Where is actually compensation Your promised to give for ppl after You solve problem with lags? Do You think that we will forget or what? Second thing is that by nerfing this ios timed zone You did a insane big mistake. It doesn't affect only top players, but whole community. Atleast there was a chance to get some adena by selling pass for ppl who are allowed to farm there, but now? How to gear up, if You close all the opurtunites to do anything in this game. Keep also in mind that this is going to affect Your wallet also, beacuse ppl will not buy so many ncoins, since they can't make prof
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