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  1. Hidden Power of SSA

    NCwest at its best when it comes to localized translation:
  2. Dev's were like "how do we empower bots? Carpet cleaner in the NCWEST office " Adena Quantity +100% Item Drop Boost +100% No XP Loss Upon Death (only applies to non-chaotic characters) Augmentation Removal Fee = 0 Adena Fishing Success Rate = 100% when used with Fishing Shots Raid Boss Spawn Time Reduced by 50% Party Hunting Bonus Increased by 50% The amount of XP needed per level has been reduced from level 56 and higher."
  3. Holiday Joy Boxes Test

    Nothing, i deleted the coupon shortly after
  4. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nL0KfEjTak
  5. turn off exp boost, are you crazy?
  6. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Finally, you did something correctly. Now you only need to reverse the drops to what they used to be during the launch, remove skills that aren't suppose to be in 1.5 and exp areas. And will be officially good
  7. It is bad enough that you caved in under community pressure to increase adena drop rate that has no business in the 1.5 patch, introduced exp areas from the 3.5 patch; now you want to give idiots free teleports for a whole month? How about you delete all areas that aren't supposed to the in the 1.5 patch. Bring an actual drop rate of the 1.5 patch that Koreans and Russians had, remove extra skills from 3.5 patches, and remove extra exp areas. After you do all that, you might have a leg in saying about free teleports. The so-called "i played during beta days" players can go play on a illegal server, that's where they might have played during beta.
  8. Who cares about classic... @Yidao can you guys launch version 1.0 for them for 1-2 years the way they had it Korea. I want to see bots crying on the forums about EXP tables and the death penalty.
  9. Avotinsh and Comedy told me they are coming if NA launches classic. I presume most of them will jump here to make $$$$$, since no one will be able to compete against them
  10. R110 Grade New Gear on KOREA Server!!

    The best thing is Jink, 99% of people in this thread won't be able to use those items even if they were to get them. #can'tget110bysittingintown24/7
  11. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    Nova: "Assist kill HTH, assist kill HTH, you idiots, he is the caster" HTH: "Boundless, I have 120k def and 90k+ m. def relax, magic and hallibel just keep angels on me"
  12. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    EIther Innova's or Korean fix would do the trick, plus remove brooch rhapsody and we are good to have a relatively even pvp system
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    they have explained long ago that using keyboard/mouse macro is illegal, anything outside the ingame macro is considered illegal that includes looping ingame macro with a keyboard