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  1. left 17h till bonus starts?
  2. WTS DEMON STAFF 13.5kk

    pm getnaked
  3. packs gonna be in l2 store? or buy in website?
  4. /target sparta500 hunter village best price
  5. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    Wtfu talking im vip 4 farming 7 days in outlaw forest killing 1k+ mobs everyday , 0 books amulet , 1 homu blade, 1 delusiomal blade , 6 eacth compound boot/mithril glovr parts thats all
  6. WTS c grade blunts 3kk

    /target sparta500 in giran [battle axe , big hammer,silver axe]
  7. no vip kid trying to flame ?;D 1h queue better than ur 8h queue pleb
  8. Buying vip 4 , runes 50% and server laggging , queue for vips 700+, random disconnects , and what they gonna do? They gonna give to all players fcking angel cat buff for 1h thanks
  9. ex di

    vip queue longer than no vip [ i know that vip queuing faster but its just funny]
  10. https://imgur.com/a/D6iR6TX
  11. watching twitch 0 internnet lag , i turned around to see my characters in server one of them got dced? Its just for me or u getting too?
  12. well nice i got dc in all my 3 accounts , because of ncsoft doing something badddddd , now i will log in only in morning fckin queue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 thanks
  13. wts exp aoe 36+

    got 2.7kk exp in 1h - buyer yeasz others buyers xgen / forg / gloryhole dont remember others almost do 3kk in 1h [ like daily quest if u have rune/scrolls] dont know whats funny about that
  14. exp warlord 30+

    dion fortress of resistance