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  1. Russians boycotted all classic/essence servers [ even viped all essence servers xDDD ] for insane pay even russians boycotted servers :DDD it says a lot and u still people do nothing [ well u left , there is like 400+- active player ] but come on
  2. leave pendant boxes for 1 more week at least
  3. I bought rune on one of the accounts and yesterday evening DC's cant play , today Same i cant play ruined 12h+ already farm and what i will get for this ? Yes u guess it right cat buff 30% for 30-60 min ;D Im triggered
  4. back to my c6 interlude server 1 monthers I didnt realy care about bots and others shets , but pay2win shet like xp talismans 100%+ /mp consuption -40%+++ and others op shet its not for me
  5. left 17h till bonus starts?
  6. WTS DEMON STAFF 13.5kk

    pm getnaked
  7. packs gonna be in l2 store? or buy in website?
  8. /target sparta500 hunter village best price
  9. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    Wtfu talking im vip 4 farming 7 days in outlaw forest killing 1k+ mobs everyday , 0 books amulet , 1 homu blade, 1 delusiomal blade , 6 eacth compound boot/mithril glovr parts thats all
  10. WTS c grade blunts 3kk

    /target sparta500 in giran [battle axe , big hammer,silver axe]
  11. no vip kid trying to flame ?;D 1h queue better than ur 8h queue pleb
  12. Buying vip 4 , runes 50% and server laggging , queue for vips 700+, random disconnects , and what they gonna do? They gonna give to all players fcking angel cat buff for 1h thanks
  13. ex di

    vip queue longer than no vip [ i know that vip queuing faster but its just funny]
  14. https://imgur.com/a/D6iR6TX