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  1. How many other things is there wrong with this game? Just how many days has people been abusing this and none said a word? Well good job. I guess you really don't care about your gold digging game, how about 45-46 are able to do dungeon twice? have you even looked into to it? Oh and yeah, your Halloween candy is never consuming the item, 1 candy = unlimited buff, is that intended also? Yikes, Yikes, Yikes.
  2. this is already predicted in Mayan calendar...
  3. Also add bssb ssb, and add weapons too so I don't have to spend my time on 50lv mobs dropping 140 adena. thank you!
  4. Yikes, are you crying about others crying and while you are crying you defending some 16 people playing 9 characters? yikes. you smart, you loyal, you gucci
  5. It takes 2x longer to kill, so adena is twice as higher, today I went to Dragon Valley, killed few 2x, 3x mobs. 2x gave me 300-450 adena, where as 3x gave me about 660, this is not a solo content but you get the point. Aoe groups is perhaps the way in 3x-4x zones. Saving on Blessed shots perhaps time as well.
  6. How is that got to do anything with 80lv and being noob, sharing information with others these days is considered bad or whats your point?
  7. I thought I will just keep this post updated with my journey of L2 to help other players to understand that rushing lvl is not a good idea in classic. FYI: 50-55 lv mobs drop 140-280 adena as long as it's not 2x hp.
  8. Post wasn't about how to make adena, it was simply to point out the amount of adena drop rate for 40-49 zone, as it seemed bugged. Juji has already confirmed in this thread, this is all intended and works as it should be.
  9. @psychoxc Yeah, perhaps there was an error somewhere along the lines just as it was with certain monsters around dion giving way less exp of what it should of. Could be same thing except it's adena, anyway I wouldn't know this is only my speculation from my personal experience.
  10. Solo, Sea of Spores, Ivory Tower, Forest of Mirrors, Timak Outpost, I could make a whole list and scare people off already of hitting 40+ lvl, spoke to few high levels everyone is struggling a whole lot more just as if adena/drop rates never happen. By the way, I'm VIP4, all that lingo, if anything I can post more screens, this forum wouldn't let me edit my first post to make it megapost.
  11. Well, that's exactly why I've made this post, seems like something is wrong but I'm not an expert to tell how it should be, rather want to get more information from other people. perhaps @Juji @Hime could make a note of this?
  12. Yeah, surely 1-40lv was a good life, now I guess I'm just a little shocked that I hit the hard wall at 46lv as solo player. We will see whats happening when people start hitting same wall I did haha.
  13. it's weird because if I compare mob levels to 30-39 and 40-49, they are identical adena drop wise. Isn't it supposed to drop higher amount technically?
  14. https://imgur.com/q2ktUES https://imgur.com/4ilfhf5 https://imgur.com/15BAixA
  15. Hi all, Something that came to my attention, I'm farming zones between 40-49lv and most of them drop between 120-260 adena, isn't that a bit weird? https://imgur.com/a/oCoOV2s
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