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  1. any way to increase the size of the text
  2. bots rule this game unfortunately.... nothing will ever change for the better in this bleeping game
  3. iv blocked so many adena spammers this afternoon its getting annoying now even out of town they pm me with that bs
  4. im from the uk and dont have any issue with latency never have to be honest
  5. i play on TI from England i dont complain about over crowding either but seriously if you from EU and winging about over crowding then dont play here its realy that simple
  6. it does feel like vip has priority which does suck since they advertise free to play
  7. yesturday with vip 4 i had a que of 200 took 20 minutes to get through and today i didnt get a que so i would say it does help also
  8. you lot are cry babies you can see they are trying to fix it and still you moan
  9. according to twitter its after maintainence
  10. so you want a game that is full of people using afk macro? where is the community if this happens
  11. i have no interest in macros never have never will
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