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  1. @Juji can you please take a look at Castle NPC since they are not working properly. You can't set-up the castle functions NPC dialog window not working. TY
  2. It actualy passed 1 month since i reported this and i saw literaly no action, no reply, bug is not listed in bug list after fafurion update. Nothing! Just another bleeped up class ty.
  3. Wintex


    English is not my native language so yeah i make mistakes but that wasn't the point . The ponit was you giving not even half of the informations for something that this guy asked and you even said that that is all the differences between those 2 classes. In my opinion if you tryly know something and whant to share is fine but if you have no clue about it is better to just go on with your life.
  4. Wintex


    The things you spotted are not the most important :))) and since when you dcide a new player doesn't really need to know about dominator PVP skills? The man asked a question.what are the difrences betwen those 2 classes? And you still consider that your answer was fair and correct? Be serious and admit you don't know nothing about it and get on with your life.
  5. i also whant to see added to know issues the iss dominator skills not working properly
  6. Wintex


    i'm sad that you feel insulted but before you try to explayin smth to another guy maybe learn first then try to teach others. and ppl don't play dominators because they all probably do like you. GL
  7. Wintex


    i thing my description is easyer to understand but ty for noticing that the other guy has no clue about what he is talking about
  8. Wintex


    Funny how you missed all the important things and you just mentioned the irelevant ones. 1.First of all you get skill named"Curse of Mortalize" => Removes Invincibility of target and nearby enemies during PvP.(it also removes angel touch or purge) 2.Second you get a diferent passive skill "Grand Vanguard of Baylor" => PvP damage +10% and Max MP/ CP +10%. 3. Third Pa'agrio's Fist=> For 30 sec., restores and increases clan members' Max CP +2%(it restored a decent amunt of CP and it has a 3 sec reuse) 4. Forth you get 3 skills: a)Seal of confusion =>Cancels ne
  9. Known Issues: Iss dominator skills are bleepED as shiet !!!!!!!! Plese do smth about it
  10. Ello, Actualy those things worked the same before update. But the pvp skills don't work as they should afther the update.
  11. Hello, @Juji Normaly when you use the flag, you can use seal of restriction,seal of limit etc. Afther fafurion update these features do not work....with summoned flag i tested in all situations and every time seal of suspecion lands. Please fix this class already.Anyway nower days not many ppl still play it, and those who do they play it for it's unique features that help during siege. Kind regards
  12. i agree +++++ we kinda miss the brooch event and i think it can work perfect with libra afther this update
  13. Well i agree we missed Juji and his attention to this game.(keep up the good work and maybe ppl will play once again this game) However ppl are waiting long time for a nice event and we get this. Ppl are even asking for pay to win events like shirt/circlet/jewls/aghations and we get this. Ppl want red libra or some nice free events to farm on map with decent drop rates and fun items not OP just enough for the average players to catch up a tiny little bit . What we got in this past month and half is nth.(exept classic server for nostalgic players) and some exp boost. "W
  14. one more thing Omen..... you say to supports to abandon this event if you can't do it and go for dimensional warp. All is fine but at dimensional warp we need to invest way more time than in this instance,you need a strong dd to help u kill the mobs and ofc afther that we need a lot of stones. By the time i finish having a decent bracelet you already have to your op gear a bracelet 6 slot +15% m. atack added to already so high stats. So me as a support(already 2-4 hits) when we meed in pvp or siege who will have more advantage afther all this nonsense of event? The gap betw
  15. You outgeared him by 10 times or more ..what do you expect .
  16. Hello +1 for Freya and Naia merge ... I want to report a bug regarding Adventure Guild Faction quests .. the system does not see the quests as completed if you dont click on that quest (recived from Penny) every time , this is very annoying .. i lost many times quest made an its driving me crazy ..
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