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  1. why are you wasting your time then? i read ppl trying to enter in a game for hours, dude this company doesnt care about you or anyone, only the money in your wallet, stop complaining and bite it, or go play something else.
  2. no hay activos porque no se puede entrar, o porque el juego esta bastante hecho un asco.
  3. i think that if you ask for a refund the can and will lock your account, dont waste your time in a server like this.
  4. so a couple of the options are to buy something in the store and then sell it... lmao
  5. yeah, if you waste your money and you are a VIP you dont have queue to login
  6. nothing works properly in this server lmao
  7. well this L2 classic will die and only bots and wallet warrios will play this game. GG
  8. that is not a bug, that is how the skill work.
  9. So a company that made this game 15 years ago and many other games in the present and cant predict the future of the server? Yeah right...
  10. its not like classic, the drop rates are a joke, now if you are lucky at lvl 20 you will have 1 animal skin and maybe 2 stems...
  11. Im not VIP and not intend to, just saying there is that solution.
  12. There is a solution for the queue, just pay for VIP.
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