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  1. class change quest

    All the information you need to complete the quest is on the website. Good luck.
  2. class change quest

  3. Two recipe drop

    Couldn't find any information on the Knuckle Duster, however, the Bec de Corbin recipe drops in Cemetery from Soul of Ruins or Spiteful Ghost of Ruins. It also drops from Tarik Bugbear Captain in Forest of Evil, all at a rate of .001 - .005% or Harit Lizardman Matriarch in Forest of Mirrors with a drop rate of .005 - .01%.
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    This is indeed very frustrating … I am only able to log in one of my accounts (my buffer) and not the other (my main). I play these two characters together in order to keep their levels the same. It is also frustrating to see that the adena sellers are having absolutely no issue logging in. The Angel Cat Blessing is a nice touch, but it's really not enough to compensate players, especially those that have paid real money to play this game. I do hope this issue is resolved soon.
  5. Best C grade ;)

    Around 1.5 mil for 3 piece set
  6. The point I was trying to make was that the online Player Market provided a service for players to buy and sell items as well as currency, which would help to alleviate the botting issues. I did not say that Rohan Blood Feud was a popular game, nor that it was any good, I was trying to offer a viable solution to the ongoing bot issue. The online store was quite a popular method of doing business for many players, especially those who preferred to play the game or those who were unable to leave sell shops up and unattended. The company charged a nominal fee for items sold and people gained online currency to purchase regular store items and/or items from the Player Market.
  7. It is quite apparent that the current method of eliminating bots and adena sellers is not working. It is more than a little frustrating to try and farm an area for a certain item or recipe without having an infestation of bots. I played Rohan Blood Feud awhile back, a game very similar to Lineage. There were no Crone (in game currency) sellers and definitely not the massive amount of bots present in this game. Rohan has 2 online stores, one of which is a Player Market store. Players can buy and sell in game items, including crone. All they have to do is transfer their items to the online store and register them to sell. This method eliminated the need for currency farming and generated sales for players. Perhaps a similar store could be set up for Lineage Classic.
  8. Gender Change

  9. Own walker

    I have played both Lineage and Rohan Blood Feud. Bots have been an issue in both games. A couple of years or so ago, Rohan introduced Hunter Kits to the game … these are a legal bot kit that any player can purchase in game or in their online shop. These Hunter Kits have killed the social aspect of that game. This also contributes to lag issues due to the sheer volume of legal bots. The only people in the game that enjoy this Hunter Kit are the pkrs, dozens of unattended bot parties all over the map.
  10. This morning I checked for a reply from NCSoft regarding my locked account and nothing. So I half heartedly put my account information in and was pleasantly surprised when it worked. I do understand they must have a huge volume of tickets from their random bans and really don't have the time to send out emails, I'm just happy that my account was unlocked.
  11. I too, had 1 of my 3 accounts banned for no reason. I had just created the account, made a character and got her to level 12 in a relatively short time. It was also the only account I had running. I got my char her level, went back to town and logged out. When I tried to log the account the next morning, I discovered that the account had been locked due to suspicious activity. I do not bot, sell adena or account share, all I do is quest and grind. That's it. I did send in an appeal with all the information I could think of, so now I wait. I returned to Lineage to try this Classic game out; should they not unlock the account, chances are good that I won't continue playing the game.
  12. After the qeue end, I'm disconnected.

    Both my son and I are experiencing this same issue as well. It is more than a little frustrating to wait in queue and then be disconnected almost immediately.