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  1. multibox is not good for the game, i like to play as main wc and i dont have a pet/box because i have friends and i can find "friends" with parties. with multibox you are playing a single player on a mmo, where is the fun on this? i was reading some posts and i found that we have hardcore players telling others things like "stop crying" "noob" "you dont know how to play" or something else, but all of them dont know how to play without a box, they think they are hardcore but they dont even know how to find a party or play this game like a real mmo. sorry for my english.
  2. it would be better if it was single box, im main buffer and i play with friends. but when they are not online i cant find parties cuz multiboxers dont need a buffer and that kills the fun of the game.
  3. i have a dark elf on TI and it is really fun to play on that server with its population but yeah they need to fix the queue and the client issue
  4. Hi i want to know how many pople aprox are in aden, i logged yesterday (aden) and i felt like i was playing alone. ty Sorry for my english
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