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  1. MorningStar vs Chronos and Freya

    If we left town you'd instant PR like always clown... maybe grammy has some balls?
  2. Chronos Siege MS vs The world "18

    Haha, last time fooz went this emo he got rejected. Perhaps by Evey this time? Pig face didn't cut it for her..?
  3. Chronos Siege MS vs The world "18

    Fooz went off the deep end again, so angry kiddo.
  4. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    This is what everyone read.. random.
  5. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    The most juicy part is it took Nova THREE pushes >>>>>>>>>LOL<<<<<<<<<< to kill our crystals. Lf leadership @ Nova
  6. Monthly Cost of L2

    Healer can be played easily with a low budget with proper setup (2-2.5kusd), don't try to enchant l2store items unless you know what you're doing. It's 99% of the time cheaper to buy it with other means.
  7. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    Lol we raped llllllllll group 7v7, you mean't to say that a pug MS group got zerged by Nova+MAX of course? llllll is my btch, remember that. Who's this random.. another tard too stupid to put is IGN? Lmao
  8. Banditos / Bandidos bleep

    Looks like the last 7 people left on that dead server outside MAX lols
  9. WTS +18/15 Ferios - Other Cloaks

    WTS +18 ferios and any +15 Cloak - Good Prices Mail or PM "Truffle IG
  10. MorningStar

    Congratulations MS on the dragon weapon, always winning everything that matters.
  11. Maybe a bit fast but enjoy.
  12. Has the 105 exp cap been removed?

    Everyone understands that xp from 101-105 is also cut big time on their tables? 101-105 is less than half of what it is now like 150-180T for all four levels only. Everyone who is 103 now would easily hit 105... Brainless ants. My suggestion for all these emo people in this thread is for @neutron to reduce the curve 101-105 then 1-2months later reduce 105+.
  13. MorningStar

    and what do you get paid for each pack? Each r99 pack I should say