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  1. Not even that... Rates are easily set in a config file at the server level. The reason they are taking too long is to identify another way to grab money since this model ain't gonna work if everybody just quits playing.
  2. Just downloaded Guild Wars 2 and no regrets, I don't think I'm coming back to this failure. No P2W, you can have a free trial but to unlock full game content you have to buy the expansions, it's truly a P2P game. Better graphics, better mechanics, lot of fun. Although NCSoft is the publisher, it is developed by a different studio. Have fun, leave the whales here spending 5 dollars for NG ss packs.
  3. Just make L2 Classic P2P FFS and done. All rates back to normal, no L2 store and you have a huge mob of 5000+ willingly to pay for a fair gaming experience.
  4. Lol!!! in l2 live as of now progression is 100% dependent on how much money you sink on l2 store. This has been part of live l2 for sometime now and even if you go to their forums and ask how to progress they will tell you the only way is spending your money with smartness in the L2 Store. It's disgusting.
  5. If they don't fix it, this game is dead when NG expires.
  6. Lol true. In my job god forbid something breaks or doesn't work as expected in Production deployment date because no one will step-out of office until sh*t is fixed. And I don't work as a costumer service but as a developer for a software company. We have a troubleshooting team set up in a bridge call and fix everything in the same day with our manager harassing our asses to have it done asap. This behavior by NCWest is just unacceptable. Rate changing should not take long because it is not fixing a bug or refactoring source code, that kind of stuff is easily configured though a con
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to point out that someone made a petition that is going to be sent NCWPR@ncsoft.com if you're interested. https://www.change.org/p/ncwpr-ncsoft-com-ncwest-revert-crash-grabbing-practices-and-re-establish-l2-classic-normal-rates?recruiter=11328918&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  8. ITT: Super hardcore fans who say being miserable is the way L2 was back in the days. Wait for NG to expire and have fun being 30+ with no SS, no gear, no nothing. And before you say anything, SS is in L2Store and they will probably keep adding more stuff. Ridiculous.
  9. We all know how Classic will end in two weeks if they don't fix this. I know NCSoft needs to make profit, gm and devs need to get paid and this is a business after all. You thought it would be good idea to screw up the server rates, but in two weeks, when people get stuck on progression, the population will slowly drop until it becomes a ghost town. Players who came from L2 Classic Club (private servers who actually work better than this) will return and Aden and Giran will merge to TI which will be a dead game. I myself planned to pay NCSofts for things like XP scrolls and cosm
  10. The drop rate is fu**ed up on purpose. You get Item Drop Rate +50% when you hit VIP lvl 4. The only way to increase VIP points is buying and spending NCoins. GG guys, this game is already dead.
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