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  1. when u finish quest which starts at level 15 u have option to choose between spiritshots and soulshots but whatever u chose it was giving you soulshots that's why they came up with spiritshot bundle idea. when you do that quest you'll get soulshots if u want
  2. to everyone who's saying that it's how it's supposed to be it's NOT. L2 Classic ≠ C1! it's a new chronicle that came out about 4-5 years ago in Korea and in korean verison 1.5 drops weren't as low as we have here.
  3. you guys need to understand that just because it's called "Classic" doesn't mean it's C1. it's entirely new chronicle which came out like 4 years ago. some of the skills are completely new not to mention quests/interface so comparing it to C1 is BS. Adena drop is very low compared to russian/korean Classic 1.5 version and that's that.
  4. how are they going to sell blessed spirit shop packs if they fix that bug?
  5. it's been 2 days and spiritshot bug is still not fixed? intentional? selling as much ncoin for spiritshots as u can? nice
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