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  1. I have played since prelude. The current state of the PVP and PK system is so flawed the game is not worth playing anymore. Going red use to have penalties. Now you can buy PK scrolls and even worse 100% rez. In addition if you kill a perma red it gets revenge. Combine this with instant teleports and the system is beyond flawed. Reds should not be able to instant teleport. Reds should not get revenge option. Pk scrolls should not exist except maybe very rare limited quantities.
  2. Are you serious... 150,000 for A Grade shot recipes... you know how rare these drops were? We should be getting atleast 50m for these... maybe even 100m... look at histories of what these sold for... this is garbage....
  3. That is another thing. I just spent about 30m getting cheap a grade Crystal's through the event npc. If you bought d weapons from npc. Crushed and traded up. It was a little over 10k per A crystal. Another waste of money and now stuck with 3k A Crystal's. And practically the only use of a crafter in an xp party is the on the go shot crafts... now that's going away?
  4. Are you serious? Way to screw over dwarfs... What about dwarfs that have ultra rare soulshot recipes. Some that we paid tens of million adena for... are we gonna get reimbursed? Can we sell our registered recipes? This is a straw that might break the back.
  5. You know I have stuck through all the ups and downs of the server being dedicated logged in almost 24/7 since launch with my entire CP... Spent thousands in the NC store... If the game is going to be giving out this crazy xp and not even to everyone at the event. I am done. I am the core of the CP. Which means 98% sure the rest of the CP will be quitting too. GG NCSoft...
  6. Damn lag prevented me from targeting and using the fork. So I sat there for over an hour... hit 3 cakes... to lag out on last one and get nothing... all characters in elven village this morning deserve the reward... Please fix this... half my cp had this problem... @Juji
  7. +1 to protest.... This is going to kill the server. My CP has 14+ accounts with VIP 4 on all of them... You will be losing all of us if the game goes P2W like this...
  8. Seems like from all these posts that a ban wave came targeting the wrong people. @Hime please help look into these accounts. I can vouch for DemonBlast as I have introduced him to the game and many other friends. Currently they are all rethinking investing time and money for NC coins when one of us were banned for no reason and no real explanation.
  9. Auto transfer is the worst idea ever... There are friends that play together and playing with friends is what I enjoy...
  10. There is no denying that 200 of 1000 is 20%... I am suppose to receive 25%. I do not have the exact numbers for my (suppose to be)55% bonus giving me 35.4% in front of me. but I do have screen shots of it all. I understand it is not 1000xp +25% = 1250xp + 30%... it is suppose to be 1000xp + 55% of 1000 xp... I am not receiving that.
  11. The XP Bonuses are not being applied correctly. I have VIP 4, which is suppose to be 25% bonus XP/SP... I am getting 20%, 1000xp + (200 bonus xp) In addition, if a 30% bonus xp scroll is used. I am only getting 35.4% bonus xp. when it should be 55%. This goes directly against what I paid to receive. I would suggest fixing the issue and applying a 5% bonus experience based on total experience received to all VIP 4 members. I have not done math on other VIP levels and how much it is off.
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