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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJRfPMSq2c8&feature=youtu.be Attempt #1 at video editing. More to come! Shout out to the #2/3/4 pvp clans on chronos, Crows, OGs, and Piratas.
  2. I think the phrase "silence speaks volumes" applies.
  3. Too add to my point, I posted this 7 days ago, theres two pages of responses, more or less everyone responding and agreeing, and we cant even get a text back. =/ You guys have posted multiple times elsewhere =( @Hime @Juji
  4. I realized that I referenced some outstanding balance issues without providing any examples. So just a quick list off the tops of my head. 1) This recent shirt event. Minimum buy-in is like 230$ for a 1% chance to end up with anything worthwhile. Relative to how many participated in the last cloak event this was a complete failure as the shirt event was entirely too "hard" and its been stated in countless threads over time how imbalanced it is to not have this item and compete against people who do. 2) Structure of the brooch gem events. In other regions you can pick which gem you are bu
  5. I realize that all the attention is still on classic, but we are now two for two on the worst events ive seen in the two ish years of being back to the game. We had a shirt event that was the single most horribly over-priced, underwhelming and too long of a wait for it. Honestly this was pretty much a slap in the face. Then we have this bracelet event (which for me, as a very well geared DD is fine) that is so unrealistic for support classes I dont actually know a support toon that has a +ed bracelet. Im not saying these things to flame the devs, just making observations. The worst part of thi
  6. @Hallibel read the second post I made, it wont let me edit my original post for some reason.
  7. Also Zu was the only person I can come up with that im 99.99% sure isnt scamming my adena. and the entry fee is only 1b per person, which all things considered for non-MS members is very low risk. But it would actually be really nice if one of the GM's would agree to hold the fees to encourage non-ms members to participate, but even if no one outside of clan wants to join, we were doing it anyway so no real loss, ill still get to kill zureil and diego and thats all that matters tbh.
  8. Yeah we reversed course on the brooch brs after speaking about it more to encourage participation and fairness. but we arent going to put too many rules in place because theres no way to verify alot of it since its not like a GM/NCsoft event. This was as fair as we could come up with without being overly restricting.Its why we decided no dragon weapons (mostly a middle finger to Zureil, Rown, and insanebunny as theyre the only 3 active weapon users) because its too game breaking.
  9. One edit; Im told im a "Stupid DD who doesnt know what its like playing support" Paagrios Might and Freyas Barriers will be permitted, and all brooch BR will be banned, however level 6 gems and their respective skills will be allowed.
  10. MS Holidays Battle Tournament: In an effort to come together with holiday spirit MS has decided to hold a tournament and kill each other. We kicked the idea around and decided to open it up to any 7 man team that wants to participate so long as they agree to the rules beforehand. So far, to create as fair a playing field as possible, the following are the restrictions in place. 1) All teams must have 7 members, and all 7 members must be entered in prior to the start of the tournament and cannot be subbed out at any point. If for some reason a participant cannot complete after starting, the p
  11. Mail me ingame Infamous
  12. Logged in for about 5 minutes, clients frozen, dced. So I take it XIN3CODE bugs werent worked out then?
  13. If you arent 75+ luc, dont enchant cloaks. lol
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