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  1. When will people stop asking for more and more benefits for VIP, as we are not already getting a lot. I payed myself, but dont want this to become a rollercoaster of asking for a easier game
  2. If you are displeased with the mob drop rates, thats another topic. The event is undeniably spawning ítems in the world for free (it doesnt even require you to be active). Im not saying that people will sell to npc, but even if they did, they would be getting that value just for logging in. And mate, if you were to check the cities and hunting grounds, you would see hundreds of top D weapons that came out of nowhere. Pumping = artificially introducing, which has definitely happened here
  3. Since the weapons provided can be sold to shop for More than 1kk, the event IS pumping adena (or value if you prefer that word) into a limited part of the playerbase, that otherwise (naturally) wouldnt have it.
  4. On top of an innefficient development and bug fixing, their community management and damage control procedures are trully awful. If they were transparent with the issues and their handling, the community reaction would be way better
  5. Then we are acknowleding that the rates are artificially manipulated to by shitty in order to promote the cash shop? At last
  6. Funny how locals present others as a "plague", yet without them you will quickly feel the server is empty.
  7. Still, its a 50% bonus Exp in relation to the server's base rate. You ARE getting a 50% increase, there Is no point in comparing the VIP bonus to other servers/chronicles rates
  8. @Juji Hi there, I've been experimenting troubles with anticheat (xigncode) when trying to asign functions to my extra mouse buttons. I usually map those into window switching (Win key + number) to quickly and precisely change between boxes, but so far both the mouse's software and Auto Hot Key have been blocked by anticheat. What software could I use that Is allowed through xigncode? Thank you Eric
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