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  1. If i wanted to waste 50 dollars id go buy COD
  2. NCOST - "Buy our 50 dollar xp rune so you can quickly out level the areas that we have actually fixed and be stuck in areas that give shit adena and be bleeped because we clearly spent all of 3 minutes testing whether the server was ready to be launched"
  3. A moment of silence for a man that got dc'd and theres no if ands or buts about it, it was ncsofts fault 110%
  4. what is the point of using a vpn anyways? ive played hundreds of online games and never had any issues. I used a few vpns but never noticed a difference that i felt made it even worth having. It cant be speed issues because i used to play this game on a usb wifi dongle hanging out my window grabbing 1 bar wifi connections and it still ran perfect
  5. Im sure it has something to do with people reporting players for no reason other than they dislike multi box or they are mad at you. Either that or people are account sharing, changing ips, or actually botting and they just like to QQQQ VPNs may be okay, but if the account sharing is being blocked by monitoring ip's of accounts then when you pick up a new ip on ur vpn ur gonna get banned
  6. Proof they watch but they dont talk

    Honestly im pretty annoyed with how they are handling the launch, im also equally annoyed with people who think they should swap from 3 boxes to 1 box without getting a class action lawsuit when they dont refund all the people who bought 3 vip for the sole purpose of 3 boxing. You have people on here saying omg restart 20 times a day will seriously fix the queue, yeah and what afk shops are you gonna buy from? It really seems like most of the complaining is being done by people who have only played 1000x custom l2 servers. Where are the offline shops? you mean the illegal server ones? cause they never had offline shops on retail. Everyone should be ecstatic the game is packed to the brim on all 3 servers. Yes its annoying with the delayed responses but at the same time like it has been pointed out several times before. Corporate communication isnt as easy as hopping on a thread and spewing info
  7. Proof they watch but they dont talk

    I will always remember that game because i followed it for years lusting after their promises lmao
  8. The funniest part about the queue is that if it wasnt there half of you would be posting about how the game was a failed classic launch because nobody is playing
  9. Proof they watch but they dont talk

    I think the original Dark and Light launch takes the cake.. launches the game, literally nobody can get on after they already sold tens of thousands of keys. Servers finally come up after hearing absolutely nothing from devs for days, game is nothing like any game play vids people were showed. some time later they get shut down for illegal use of a game engine...
  10. Proof they watch but they dont talk

    You guys act like you dont know that hime and the others usually interact with us at the same exact times each night.. not to mention have you ever heard of the weekend? Stop crying JFC.
  11. Is Multiboxing good for the game?

    Can everyone just stop trying to talk them into going from 3 to 2 or 3 to 1 box? 1... Ncsoft is not going to refund the people who bought vip acounts for that purpose.. 2... If they would change it and refuse to refund.. can you say class action lawsuit? End of discussion
  12. This about ready to implode like the one guy qqing about 3 boxes instead of 1 and then proceeds to start accusing everyone of multiboxing because they are adena sellers if they multi box and then it became 10 boxing. Lmfao
  13. "You shouldnt be able to have top d grade in a couple days" Well you also shoupdnt able to reach c grade in a couple days but there was a level 38 confirmed by lineage 2 official stream on the 2nd or 3rd day of the game too so maybe the drop spoil adena rates needed to reflect the rates of exp
  14. There were multiple people posting top d and c grade. You would be surprised how far some people can get in dedicated aoe groups in 9 or 10 days regardless of rates. You all just like to cry
  15. Did this kid even play the game since classic released? People were linking top d grade since 4 days after launch and some were linking c grade.. Makes me wonder...