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  1. Hello there, good evening!

    I just want to point out a mistake I've found within the Second Class Transfer Quest : Test of the Reform.

    In this segment, you're supposed to meet with the preacher Sla in the Wastelands, but in reality she's localized in Dion Plains, yet the quest MENU clearly says she is in Wastelands. The pin marker on the map also gives her position in Dion Plains. It would be convenient to fix this.





    Thank you!

  2. Personaly, I think the weapons' drop rate is fine, but the main probem are the key materials. Farming should be the best solution in order to get weapons and armors. But with drop rates of key materias ranging between 0,05% and 1% it becomes tiring... You can increase a little the drop rates of the key materias and create better chances to spoils more frequently. I think that way the game's economy would improve a lot. But the weapon's drop should stay the way it is.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Shakedown said:

    Thank you, the maintenance is a bit annoying. But I can finally spend an hour getting some shit done around the house :)

    Glad you guys are trying, i'm sure your hands are a bit tied with the higher ups.

    Also, please no more top Weapon events. You really screwed the market on all other D grade items.

    Talk about it... I can't find Vajra Wand Frames to sell anymore... '-'


    EDIT: They should compensate this somehow. 

  4. Herbiel's quest in Elf Village(the potion ones) are bugged. Right after completing these quests, Herbiel asks you to choose either a pack of soulshots or spiritshots. As a mage, I obviously chosed spiritshot and, to my surprise, he handed me over a pack of soulshots. Now I have 2000+ useless soulshots. Could you guys please fix this and change my soulshots to spiritshots? Thanks in advance!