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  1. I work 8 hours day for a minimum wage of 600 euros a month,half of that is my rent but i dont complain and insult other people because the game doesnt suit my lifestyle mate.You are the one that needs to get a life,go take care of your kids instead of writing an essay complaining about a 15 years old game mechanic.
  2. Please NCSOFT change the drop rates so the game fits this guy's lifestyle.
  3. Jesus ..mate,if you dont want to play a hardcore mmo dont play,you are the one with the problem here.
  4. What do you mean with "the queues wont let them" i thought the queue bug was fixed.
  5. They think hosting a server like this one comes with no expenses,its a free server,you get the chance to play without paying a dime stop complaining and stop living under a rock.
  6. This does not accomplish a lot in most cases. Maybe in a lan you might see a small benefit copying lots of tiny files. Almost everything supports sliding window size so the tcp window size is not limiting transfer times. The people that think this speeds up ping or games are fools. Ping uses ICMP and games primarily transfer data by UDP. Since neither uses TCP these parameters have no effect.
  7. There are only NA servers and that make it hard for us the EU plebs to play with 150-200 ping.
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