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  1. Whats in these? I am especially interested in the Royale Equipment pack.
  2. Log In Problem Fix

    oh wow that actually works rofl... they need to hire you as tech support lol thanks
  3. Bot Button Abuse

    Big part of problem is that low level areas are swarmed with Pony summoners... parties of 2 summoner are literally taking all mobs.
  4. vip log in

    are you in TI or Giran? I just tested 1hr ago to Giran with VIP1 and got in... dunno about TI tho.
  5. For all the greedy people

    I get in without queue into Giran with VIP1... might be different for TI tho.
  6. vip log in

    im not sure but I have been able to login without queue with my main account whole week with VIP1. At the same time I have had to queue with my non-vip buffer. Im not sure if your problem is in that you havent applied your VIP from in-game L2store.... you have to actually spend 80ncoins before VIP1 turns on. Its not enough if you buy Ncoincs from website. ps. just tested and my VIP1 can still login without queue.
  7. amazing shit... 3rd kick from queue. I cant understand how these games that require you to login more than 1client actually even exist anymore. horrible design.
  8. seems I wont be playing tonight... I have crashed 2 times after queueing for 15minutes.
  9. Has happened to me multiple times now... Its hard to grind the exp back - and am not really progressing at the moment at all.
  10. I wouldnt want to jump the QQtrain but somehow I constantly feel like that my "arm-is-bent" towards making l2store purchases for shots etc. The thing is that - if the Classic is super-hard, then why put a Cash shop into it as well. L2store kills completely the sense of achievement and makes me quit grind sessions everyday. ALSO: I found areas where some mobs give like 1/20 of the exp they should give... Check Hobgoblins etc near Dion Walls... Other than that: The game is ok.