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  1. Are any of the Expedition pack stuff tradeable? like the 30d talismans?
  2. you sure it was there in the first place? I checked the site few hours after notification and it was not there.
  3. I suppose NCwest should start considering about giving us a Rates for RNG boxes before its too late. Gambling boxes are also prohibited in California, Belgum and Netherlands. https://www.engadget.com/apple-faces-lawsuit-over-app-store-loot-boxes-200216115.html?fbclid=IwAR0vG-j_i_eGGj5rHbKv59HDXOS28x5FhNO0GjPrW-xTHc2yshecN8X8AaM Edit: In Belgium the worst penalty for this is 3-years prison sentence.
  4. I refrain my bug report that Night Market box only gives Garnet lv. 1... I just got a Greater Red Cat's Eye lv. 1 from box. https://imgur.com/a/YKzzUoL
  5. I cant even compund the Greater Garnet lv1... wtf
  6. Lazypeon also did a video and has 300k views on L2... but its mostly positive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlNgUFYJfO4
  7. You get R-grade stuff from reaching lvl40.... R99 Exalted Stuff comes later... And its all free. I wouldnt lose my sleep over 85-95 gear.
  8. Dont want to speak of p2w as any good system - but atleast now you have an option to return to game after a Bust enchant attempt. Before GoD when game was sub - if you busted your Enchant - there was no return. GAME OVER
  9. now got 2nd Greater Garnet from Box... box is bugged AF
  10. Also seems to be a bug where the Box only gives Greater Garnets and no other Greater Jewels lvl1... People have got like 2-3 of Garnets and nothing else, and there are like 5-6 Greater Garnets in Giran and 0 others.
  11. I cant list my Greater Garnet lv1 into AH even though there are other Greater Jewels listed there.
  12. ty for video Tevas.. after watching - I dont want to gamble with the boxes lol
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