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  1. Anybody have any screenshots of what the Raid Master Armor appearance looks like?
  2. I'm glad I'll be dead before you current crop of entitled whiners actually become world leaders and bring down civilization. It's a bug, it happens, get over it. If you can't play without it, don't play. The game will still be here on Wednesday or whenever they decide to get it fixed. At that time you can log in, set your macros, go afk and not play anyway.
  3. Drop chance/market economy

    I had though some CM/GM had once said on the old forums that the drop tables were SLOWLY increasing or at least they were thinking on doing something like that. If that was the case and I'm not in some weird fantasyland, I'm sure not seeing it. I don't even remember the last time I got or saw a drop in open field pve (years at least), and it's been months since I've seen any crafting pack from instances like Baylor. If I can find that old post I'll link it, more just for my own sanity check. Edit: Found it from Juji 2015: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=286982 "The Adena drop rate was reduced in the Lindvior update two years ago to curb RMT farming Adena. If we had the detection tools that we have now, that decision probably would not have been made. We have been increasing the drop rate slowly back to the original rate with each new update. It is not quite to where it should be in certain areas, but we are making improvements to places that are harder to automate."
  4. Freya situation

    In this example they will not gather anything, they will be doing other things with each other. Unless they are both gamers in which case nothing will happen.
  5. Congrats for not getting your message deleted and banned for a day like I did replying just about the same thing in a different thread. And you are 100% right.
  6. Catching up on Current Events.

    "we can guarantee you a fun, enjoyable experience for your enjoyment" I'm assuming this was a typo and what you meant to say was, "we can guarantee you a fun, enjoyable experience for your money"