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  1. mean while in chronos

    here is some extra! i kept forgetting to record... i will do more... and im new to recording! haha i will try to record more!
  2. mean while in chronos

    Wallabi lost in 1v1 fight and cant just stop crying... raging at me in pm.. look after awhile he only says "u die 2 times" over and over i think no use talking to him so i blocked him. but he have to pm me with his alts.. hahaha additional: ijager claim hitting me 180k when he hit me 80k dmg. yea he did good dmg no double but man where did another 100k dmg go?? in ur dreams maybe ijager. This is the level of ms... i feel ashamed of them. i like zureil. hes strong he protects his clan member and he dont talk trash like these 2 kids. https://gyazo.com/8af7a35bea40aed3b2ae799e87adaf04