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  1. https://prnt.sc/sm9xl6 CAN ANY GM REPLAY OM THE 16th EVENT ! It is a joke the amount of time you neet to answer! If your colleagues from SUPPORT understand the issue, but as they said can't do nothing about it, how long untill Juji or Hime will give a respounse on this?!
  2. I am not the one insulting the community for having a different opinion. How could you understant NCsoft problems, do you work for them? I said I did not experience lag and disconect and I don't! What is wrong in this?
  3. you have big education issues and angger problems, you should seak some professional advise ..... I buy NCoin because I can. And L2 as any other software has extra features which cost $ . Go beg Adobe , Microsoft, etc .... for free features ... if you get them let us know.
  4. 200% drop rate ? go shop and buy the pack , is 2400NCoin. Only thing you do is beg , beg , beg ..... Lag , disc , I am shure there are issues , but not at the level some of you describe. You ask new server , you shoud buy aswell new PCs , change internet provider/upgrade. I did not experience lag and a single disconect for months.
  5. @Juji Considering the adena price in shops , Red Libra merchants , Blacksmith’s, the drop of adena is ridiculous, even more, parts from drop do not have any value compering with previous Chronic. It is a huge downgrade in ways of gathering adena. Yes NCsoft gave jewel 3 , dragon shirt , exalted sets and looked good for the new players, just looked, as they will never be able to do 105 instance with this gear. The main reason L2 is losing players is not OP players or items available in the shop with $ , is the financial part, no fun for farming, no drops , nothing to give new players
  6. Thanks Draecke, I will try to see how it works. Because I would guess it will force you escape outside Refinery and not somewhere in Forsaken Plains.
  7. If you have PK and your char is moved on the map make ticket to NcSoft, give names. I do understand macro mechanics can be faulty and it is my/your responsibility for any lost items. What does not make sense is how a char farming in Atelia Refinery , zone accessed ONLY by teleport , can be moved on Aden map. I asked this question three times by Thicket, I never got an answer to the question asked from three different GMs , GM Yehara, GM Maru, Chryssa. I was explained how macro it is not safe and it is my responsibility for any losses things I was and I am aware, but no answer to a simple
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