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  1. Transfer XP rune?

    wrong. you can make a ticket on support and ask for transfer of your starter pack to another char or in another server, they gonna do it only if u accept to get the char you used the pack deleted.
  2. Limit Box

    the box numbers shouldn't be reduced as long as it started with 3 it should stay there, maybe vip3-4 for fishing would be too much but it could be a vip 1 or 2 bonus or all those people that are mad cause they can't log in TI they can go instead to Aden.
  3. Limit Box

    they are crazy.. its 10$ to get 2 x packs of 5$ in 2 accounts of buffers and thats enough for 5months... one solution i can see to fix the problem for now is to put fishing on Vip3-4 only and get rid of those afk bot fishers and open up slot for many people.
  4. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Just make fishing for Vip 3-4 and everybody will be able to log.
  5. we believe in you ... or not?
  6. VIP

    don't do that, vip isn't shared between servers/
  7. It doesn't matter if they increase the rates or not that will not affect whats coming in l2 store in next updates. Take a look at KR and JP version of classic. http://www.ncsoft.jp/shop/1723/list http://lineage2nshop.plaync.com/lineage2/goods/list?dci=63 on the other hand if they let the rates as they are you gonna see the first wave of people leaving this week after maintenance, and in 2-3 months from now for sure the population of servers gonna jump drastically down and at 6months there will be few ppl that most of em or will be p2w players or bots.
  8. The Great Wall

    do you think botters even care for rates? as long as there are people buying adena there will be bots farming em and sell em but thats another topic. i remember since 2007 NC was failing to deal with bots and guess what same story continues 11 years later.
  9. The Great Wall

    you got no idea of what you are talking about.