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  1. Try 50 lvl https://l2wiki.com/classic/Headless_Knight dropping 1 iron ore with 80% chance
  2. I totally understand the logic in what u are doing... The economy has to be low in order of a long term f2p server. But i think the worst mistake you did was boosting low level areas in the first weeks. I guess you did that to prevent players from mass fleeping. Now you really have 2 options either turn the server back to what it was in day 1 or go serverwide same rates as pre 40 areas (x0.7% i guess) and release new areas faster than it was scheduled... But seriously take that decision fast before you have real mass flees... I personally vote option 1 and true hard
  3. If only they did an ip ban in all using bots.....
  4. I have played back in C4 and almost half the illegal servers out there... Never downloaded any of those 3rd party programms, rarely used boxes (only if it was unplayable solo) never tried any hacks/cheats or w/e AND I NEVER EVER GOT A SIGNLE BAN or even warning... Do the same, follow the rules and u will not get banned... Although i must admit that after playing 2 weeks here made me google of how to use bot...
  5. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Tarbar#Crystallization as it seems by l2wiki it goes up to +23 maybe more
  6. What about the fact that a vip4 mage farms more mats than a spoiler in 1 hour farm. Isnt that a huge unbalance?
  7. What we asked was balance for classes not this clownfest. At this point a vip 4 mage can farm double the mats of a spoiler making a huge imbalance... I wont even suggest anything, I WANT TO PLAY MAIN SPOILER why on earth are u destroying an entire class?
  8. You forgot to mention the spoil rates. At this point a mage can get double or even tripple mats than a spoiler in 1 hour farm with same gear. That is making the whole class unplayable and definately not fun
  9. Do you believe they didnt wanted to provide you that service? It happened, It happens everywhere, 50% of server had it, i did lose myselft but we ALL had the same loss begging for a comprenhension is bad attitude
  10. Beggarrs.... The worst kind of people...
  11. What you are doing is maybe legal but is it the proper way to play this game? Shouldnt you be in a CP with other ppl sharing your thoughts instead of trying to push it to the limits solo? Just a thought....
  12. We did like 50 trains in lizardmen getting only 7 cbp 1 cl and 2 mant shirt parts... Who is going to inv me to party with those results?
  13. I really want to play a spoiler main going all the way and i am trying my best to do that. But no one invites me to group because of these rates. Today i found someone with 2 boxes that dared to invite me and after 2 hours of me leeching his xp he ended up with 7 CBP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze5MhW0CRyA&feature=youtu.be Offcourse he will not invite a spoiler back in his parties But how am i supposed to xp? Just me and my box farming endless hours while a mage can easily find an aoe pt and get 1 lvl in these 2 hours? There is some big lack of balance here altough i tot
  14. I have 2 windows open. The main is unplayable laggy but my box is perfect not even a single spike... I have never seen something like that
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