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  1. Oh and are we playing on a private server? I thought this was official? Best excuse ever, private servers have trouble so us as a global company that created the game should have trouble also. GTFO with that nonsense. Maybe if you said 30k I could half way believe you. But anyway your "L2 Knowledge" shows.

    Botters and RMT'ers see NCWest launch as a huge money making operation. And they are right, the way it is at the moment is purely setup for them to make a ton of money and they have already started. Who wouldn't start their botting operation here where you have maximum potential for profit? Especially if they keep the rates the same.. its RMT paradise. It is like the US said we are going to close all the borders to prevent cocaine/heroin from coming into the country. Guess what happens to the price of cocaine/heroin? Hint: It doesn't go down.

    There is a difference between real players and bots for RMT. But you will learn that soon enough.
  4. Worst troubleshooting team i ever seen!

    Well their tactic is when the money stops flowing then we will come up with another "activity" to draw in more payers. Maybe once they see the server with 1k online then they will say oh guys guess what after we collected a few millions in cash from you now we will give you proper drop rates but oh wait here we added some more p2w items because we believe the game has progressed enough so we want to add runes and a few other consumables in the shop for more money from you all. And from all of us at NCSoft a big thank you to the players for our early christmas bonuses.
  5. L2 Fraud

    So obvious but at least everyone is coming around to the truth.
  6. I wonder if anyone has asked themselves why did they decide to open a server without opening a test server first. Why was it so rushed the launch? Hmm I think some people know the answer already. You have to bait the fish before they bite. Otherwise you won't catch anything.
  7. Unpopular Opinion: This is fine.

    No point to try and explain to people who have their heads in the mud. You think they can hear with all that mud clogging their ears? All they hear is the sweet whisper of money leaving their wallets. But once that stops then they will say ah well it was xyz the reason why the server didn't last long. Or better its all the crybabies and carebears that made the server die. Either way, give it a week or two. By November this forum will get a new post every 10-12 hrs. And they will be able to free up the moderation staff to go back to where they were.
  8. The way I see it, people are feeling buyers remorse right now. You bought launch packs before even seeing the game. Now you realize it is just a cash grab but instead of admitting it and calling it quits or at least admitting that something is messed up. You are like nah I spent money so therefore I will continue to let them rod and pole me for at least a month before quitting anyway because there won't be a population to play with. Google my friend if you are still interested in this game, you can find the fun elsewhere.
  9. The funny thing is, all of you saying that the OP got what he deserved for using an "offensive" name are the same ones then crying later saying that the people pointing out the mistakes, bugs, improper balance, and general situation of the launch and server are carebears and crybabies. A name is a name, the guy wanted to be mildly funny, he didn't go around saying that he was going to burn little children or something.
  10. Yes go to the new server and then pay money to transfer your character back to the main server when the transfer option is available. Brilliant. Better start using google, it is going to be your friend really soon.
  11. I see a lot of people who bought into the "launch pack" trying to furiously defend lies, and broken promises. Buyers remorse much?
  12. New server ADEN has 100 online

    I doubt it. If you have been following the player count metrics you can see already a decrease in player population. Not accounting for the obvious bot chars/shops etc. I think this is even decreasing faster than live did. And opening Aden when everyone has characters on the other two servers just shows the type of problem solving/critical thinking that people are using here. I doubt you will see anymore posts about the queue being a problem.
  13. So far..

    There are other options than skelth. Google around.