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  1. 4 hours queue

    Even VIP 4 right now has a que its crazy.... are you kidding me....
  2. vip log in

    Vip 4 actually after the patch has a que right now as well. It use to be instant access to the server but this is ridiculous and I may refund if they don't get there act together. I am really hoping this is a major error/flaw on their part and not intentional.
  3. Spiritshot pack no longer available

    Is this being brought back? They said it was being removed during maintenance. I was assuming it would come back.
  4. 10% on death!!!!!!!!

    Please fix, there are multiple threads on this.
  5. Wrong XP loss by death

    Can we get this fixed? Come on!
  6. -14% exp on Death? Wtf??

    Thats insane i hope this is fixed.
  7. Path of the Dark Wizard

    Rng at its best