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  1. Q: Can I transfer items from Classic Launch Pack between characters on the same account?Items in the Classic Launch pack can be transferred via the dimensional warehouse between Lineage II Classic characters on the same account. Was gm inforamtion but when i try i can transwer only agitation and mask. Rune etc i cant . I write suport about transwer rune but waiting still ancwer 22114686 Xp Rune 2 days ago Open
  2. How transwer rune

    Thanxs gm for ancwer... and suport silent ~28h
  3. How transwer rune

    How transwer rune to another char in same acc
  4. Forgot my PIN

    Atlast support msg but not char pin reset but nc soft acc. WTF guys now again wait ~40h ? Realy? I dont ask nccsoft pasword reset. i ask char pin......
  5. Forgot my PIN

    0 bumpt 29h waiting
  6. About character PIN.

    Waiting more then 28h suport ticket 22029161
  7. Amazing support

    Waiting pasword reset charecter more then 26h . And no info when support will write back. BTW i think i need refund money becous i am not redy waist my time for waiting....
  8. Forgot my PIN

    15h and stil no suport
  9. Ticket Marked As Solved

    Meybi can chek and this ticked 22029161
  10. Security Pin Number

    Same problem waiting support