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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    no! it doesn't... how do you think to farm A grade. with 220a from 1 mob ... when it costs 70kk ++ 1 year? honestly, they don't answer to this topic just to give it quite.... than they will untouch and forget about that.
  2. just copy

    p2p with ftp IM
  3. just copy

    why you need all this trash and disappointments? players leave, etc.. just copy Innova's settings but adapt them for your vip system when vip 4 gives you same rates as Innova has. I really hope that you will not copy the Korean classic and do not destroy it with IM like happened with the original version.. Take an example again from innovat. Yes, they have a p2p model, but your vip is equivalent to it..
  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    we belive you that you are talking to them... you usually talking to them but unfortunately, our community isn't interesting your dev team. because if we were, you won't need to increase our rates twice and after 2 months of complaints from almost all community they would listen and make rates normal but no. you prefer to repeat your mistakes. look on the original version. how do you think? your decisions were good? better to have 2 servers with 400 players than 5 servers with 20k players? I apologize for my tone, but how you as a comunity a manager, do you not think that sometimes you need to listen to your clients?
  5. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    the "event" rates are now the same rated like Innova has without. nice troll. we will lower the rates to make legitimation for events. ncwest style.
  6. How wired to hear that but its true Just look at their financial report. each time it gets worse and worse, it is not because the games they have are bad, in fact, the NCSOFT makes great games in which millions of players play. even though they are old, but this company has one major disease/problem. it is greed and unsuccessful example this project (since I'm writing here). many people loved and loved until now, despite a disastrous GOD made a lot of thousandths online in a miserable 4k, only in 1 Russia there were 23 servers of 6k and now there are 3 on it and you don’t need to write about the fact that times changed, players changes,GOD, etc. no! the online started to fall as soon as they brought the Tauti weapons in the store. (want to earn extra money but killed the whole project). The launch of the classic should have been a gift for those who have been waiting for it, but unfortunately, just like the last time with other projects, NCsoft stepped on its grails and sent those "ignoring" that destroyed its creation, and there are a lot of them. the place to keep the audience and communication with the community (even though it’s 4 servers and not 23), NCsoft is trying, by all means, trying to spoil something as soon as possible. here you can smudge snot on 30 pages about the number of errors and problems but the most important thing is the meaning. See it was much easier. Ncwest knew that many of the players are playing in Europe and I think this is one of the reasons why they went to the f2p model which is good in principle. Innova's FTP model lasted 4-5 years with 20-23 servers. but there FTP model was different in that they did not intentionally lower the rates for the players so that they would buy a premium. Surely such a large company could not have thought that such an action would not lead her to success and respect but on the contrary, hatred, and outflow of players. more than that. The drop could be cut and maybe it was the right decision but you need to give something in return. You could give a full-fledged drop to the players who buy a premium account and then there wasn’t one claim to you (except for the game aspects) but no. apparently, they know players better than the players themselves. (hi google) you could think that I’m wrong. then how can you explain 25 pages of 'snot' and complaints about the same problem? Really the players for this company are so indifferent? Why this company understands only because of the bad, and waits until the players simply leave the project to it, well i can't understand that, and I think no one can explain. (well probably the last reduction in blade&soul staff says everything.) p/s sorry about the grammar ^^
  7. i simply can't understand why they can't add normal adena drop for premium users. in the end it would be like innovas p2p model
  8. korean classic. 17 solo lvl mob drops more adena that 39 lvl mob. logic ? no.
  9. people don't want fast they just want the original settings as they should be and not what ncwest cooked