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  1. Tnx Ncwest, you are the best company, you are thinking about us, you know what we need.  But now we can leave.  


    You will never learn from your mistakes. The game destroy started now.   You never care about our opinion, bots, adena broken drop, economy even your projects    you care only about how to milk us, the players.     

    Russian servers had their pendants for free. Here, u can only buy them. Good.   Instead of making vip more interactive, fixing game aspects or improve you communication with the guys who pays your seller, you preferred to bury your project and give players the sesron to hate you more.. Well, Your game, your desision.  You can play it yourself with your bots. Good luck Ncwest make your fresh started project an another desert. 

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  2. On 24.01.2019 at 7:48 PM, BadCrab said:



    The L2Store exists, that's Pay2Win (PW2?)  Go back to your hole, never come out.



    its not p2w.  it's still free 2 pay.   p2w is when you can get items which you cannot receive during your game process.    Do you think that cosmetic or ss will destroy a classic server? I'm not! 


    let's see what will happen when they will add pendants and rune I hope they won't put them in their store.   at this moment their store does not affect the game economy.  But its ncwest. they already destroyed all their games with this store.  

  3. On 24.01.2019 at 1:59 PM, aussielisa said:

    been over  a week since u asked for the ticket number and I see there still in ft nice job mate


    and they will. 


    ncwest just don't fo their work...  they expect only 2 things.  waiting out reports and out money...    i reported almost 500+  bots....   halg of them still running   .  reported on 20 lvl now they are 50+    

  4. 16 hours ago, rangomal said:

    They have proved a long time ago that their programmers arent exactly top quality or even mediocre.There were many bugs they couldnt fix so they just called out *working as intended*.I dont really blame the team but the management.Its obvious NCsoft dont wanna pay too much for this milking project since people are paying vip4 even if they are given to eat crap right?


    we just need to live with that...  tha6y reduced the rates so only  24\7h players could get something.  (  just bots ).  they made adena event again for bots since you couldn't farm something because of them.   they actually  do everything to be familiar with them.    maybe bots paying ncwest for botting...  idk,  


  5. as the company does not care about the opinion of the players. ( well nc know better than we ). they do not interfere with the bots. it doesn’t bother them that the spoil doesn’t work (pardon it works only for bots) it doesn’t bother them that 50 mobs dropping 110 Adena when 1 ss costs 120. it would be better to launch an analog of the euro. more good would and not this pornography..  so yes the population will continue to decrease
    maybe after merge.. when l2 classic became the same swamp like the original version maybe ncwest will do something. unfortunately the history of this company tells the opposite.

  6. 1 hour ago, aaaaaa said:

    Nice NCSOFT, 0 solutions for players.

    Good bye

    what do you expect from them?  they even cant give you event without the purchase.   

    their player base keeps decrease and they continue to *** their community and servers.    

  7. 21 minutes ago, Selknam said:

    I can´t play since yesterday, im VIP4, why is it so hard to maintain a l2 server in 2019? bots, adena sellers. In general the game is very good, the events are entertaining but the maintenance and control of cheating people are deficient. 

    please upload new hats and accessories xD

    when nc west fixed something without broke something another? 

  8. there are many bots because ncwest doesn't care about them..  they created classic to make a short profit and close. \ destroy it as they did with mxm and wildstar. 


    i reported 230+  characters..   almost half of them are still alive.  (  i reported when they were 15 lvl  now they are 50+ ) 


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  9. 31 minutes ago, Garfield said:

    They did answer(Juji) already weeks ago - pre 40 areas have been adjusted for drop as the drop tables were wrong and the rest is working as intended for F2P version of the game, followed by the statement the post 40 areas won’t be subject to adjustments. Deal with it or move on.

    happy holidays



    working broked.  

    working without any understandable logic.   when 18 lvl spider drops more Adena than 48 mob. nice adjustment.   if everything is fine... why the people are leaving?    


  10. there is no chance to describe it. where further? when they wake up, see when they have there will be 1 server and this game will sit down to their recently closed projects. It is very sad that such a big company  puts **** on its customers.



    it would be better to sell the rights for localization to Innova and closed their office in the USA. even this way they will get more profit than now. 



    i spent there 17h and didn't see even 1 book....    maybe they will add them to l2store  soon... like they know.