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  1. who knows! I got 3 characters banned, i had a PC with 3 dorfs just sitting in town, they all banned during queue (non vip). While i had my main and PP on another pc, same IP, they both fine, i even logged them in the pc the dorfs were when they got banned... Guess nc soft just fails.... I hope i had found out about the adena rates during the patch notes lol
  2. their new xinglingcode software thing is prob trowing out some false positives, probably other games or programs people have installed, maybe a computer virus you might have. If they investigate and find out there is nothing wrong with that characters actions, everyone and their mothers are going to want their character investigated. Then you can imagine the work load. All we can do is hope they find out what the problem is and the banning stops.
  3. Something never changes! Welcome to legal RMT! If the farmers are making money out of the game, why shouldn't ncsoft be able to do the same!? (that is sarcasm btw)
  4. The gms said they were reducing the increased respawn on lowbie areas to improve server performance.
  5. no, expect it to go wrong when you have 2 or 3 CCs with 150-200 people hitting the same mob. Remember, the server had troubles when they increased the mob spawn rate on lowbie areas.
  6. Yea, I am not sure how easy to calculate that would be, might take a some processing power when you have 200 people in each CC hitting the same mob
  7. @Hime hello, You guys REALLY need to find a better way to prevent the adena sale spams... The "block and report" isnt doing so well, everytime you go to giran/dion you get bombarded by 4-5 different spammers. Also that doens't seem to get rid of them fast enough, I blocked and reported one dude, then a week later i started a new character and the same dude pmed my dorf lol
  8. Not a bad feature no, the CC grants rights to EVERY party, not just the one that did most damage, that way everyone gets the same amount of xp/sp and prevents people that aren't supposed to pick up to get the gear. In the past it was a problem, because people would just ninja the loot and vanish. CC rights solved that. People nowadays want it too easy, back then we would camp epic bosses for 12-16 hours keeping enemies away using all we had available. Keeping baium running in circle for 10-12 hours. Mass rezz throught the door/floor for example. Now people are complaining b
  9. it is not a bug, it is a feature, the command channel that hits the boss first has the looting rights of it, no matter who kills the boss.
  10. Would be a lot smarter to mess with XP rates instead of adena rates if they were aiming to profit from exp runes...
  11. Summoner apparently is great for botting since you don't have to use shots, and the pets can tank very well. Would be horrible to play that live tho. I'd go for anything that can kill fast and constantly, PR+HE, SH+SE, but in order to kill fast you need good gear. Spoil is ok for farming, as long as you have a good weap and a buffer, but the rates are pretty bad, so it is kind of meh to play live and get like nothing worth of mats
  12. How exactly NC soft profits from lower adena rates? It is not like you are selling soulshot C/B grade or gear at the store (I hope you keep it that way) I don't see a reason to buy your xp packs, why would I rush lvling with the rates like that? Bunch of people are lvl 50+ wearing moon set and top D weaps. Those packs on top of the xp scrolls and AI/FOM quests is just making people out level everything way too fast. And that is also hurting the market, everyone just goes throught lvls too fast so they out level the spell books, mats, armor parts farming areas too fast, so t
  13. They made you a favour, now you can spend even more time watching Sabrina!
  14. the only actual benefit from the VIP is to skip the queue (most of the time), when the population starts reducing and the queues are gone, i wont be paying for that anymore.
  15. are those softwares allowed tho? As far as i understood, having hardware auto looping macro, like nostromo or razer/logitech would violate the EULA and get you banned
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