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  1. @ProDigY If you want to post a reply on a thread at least read the first sentence of it next time. I clearly write i'm talking about krishna weapons
  2. Omg you are right totally forgot krishna weapons existed 9 years ago (lol?)
  3. Since the new krishna weapons were introduced many of us had the question whats the best weapon for feohs : krishna buster+enchanted leviathan sigil or krishna retri ( krishna caster obviously is the weakest). Korea is giving us answer on their final update as they enable the use of sigil also with two handed weapons. Time to exchange your busters to retris on next libra. Post from official korean server link below ( used google translator) https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknupdate/view?articleId=184234&viewMode=list&size=20 [item] 1. Changed to wear Sigil in the le
  4. You guys are unbelievable, you cry for everything, even if they gave us free dragon weapons stage 1 for 7 days you gonna say why only stage 1 and not stage 3
  5. Keepdreamin is right about this one, your best option if you want to file a lawsuit against company is to go to usa at a state with strict antigambling law, and you have 99.9% chances to win it cause those hidden enchant rates are pure gambling. What will change after is that company will be forced to show us enchant rates and chances to get top items from event boxes every time they put them in store, which practically wont change nothing, we will just see what we already know 0,00000... chances. You cant force company to raise enchant rates its like goings to casino and crying why you lost
  6. They restore items only for people that spending thousands of dollars each month, also if you basically told them hey guys a bro told me you restore oe weapons so i tried to enchant mine and it broke, i want it back, sorry but you are dumb
  7. Also care those who will try to lowball you by telling it costs less ,it is not, it is one of a kind weapon, unique on server
  8. Your retri costs around 1200b, with that amount of adena you can buy everything your class needs ( armor,weapon,cloak,greater jewels)
  9. On previous events price of starlight jar was 2b so many people couldnt afford make zodiac agathions up to lvl12 and evolve them, thats why now that jars are so cheap evolution stones are way expensive. Also if you had read the post on site it says you can not upgrade charms
  10. From 20 charms i made one +5 and one +7, from what i saw its easy to enchant them till +5 then starts the fail
  11. @QueniaI'm 99.9% sure that it will be same 33% even with spoiler skill but you can test it and tell us, i also have a spoiler but im too lazy to test it
  12. Hello @Quenia, i' m sorry to inform you that no matter what you will do m crti rate will be always capped at 33%, although i havent tested it with spoiler skill i changed skill rout from +15 power to +15 crit chance and i saw zero effect on crits. I also tested if critical chance is raised while having 550 m crit rate and also with abundance lvl4 skill and still is 1 every 3 skills crit ( i also had +10% skill crit rate from knight ap tree). I tested for pve cant tell you if it is the same for pvp
  13. @Juji could you please also inform us what other things you will add on dimentional merchant? Cause you dont say anything in patch notes about that
  14. @Quenia yes is working on fainted targets
  15. @Juji you forgot to put this mob in fields of silence https://l2wiki.com/Spiz_Water_Drake
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