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  1. Happened to me, too. Then i got disconnected and the problem was fixed
  2. No one is logging out of the game. If you see yourself getting a better position in the queue over time, this is because most of the ppl queueing receive the message "Client will be closed. Continue?"
  3. After waiting in the queue for 6 hours, i finally got to position 1. Then it said "The client will be closed. Continue?" What a joke.
  4. They are doing nothing. It is weekend so they won't do anything.
  5. A good idea: 30 min afk in game -> get kicked out.
  6. Which confirms what I am saying: NO ONE IS LOGGING OUT
  7. Personally, I will never log out after I manage to log in. And I am sure everyone will be doing the same. Soon the queue will stop progressing and everyone will be happy having a server full of AFK players.
  8. They can handle it greatly. Half of the ppl are afk.
  9. We should note that if server transfers are allowed, Aden will not be enough. Probably a 4th server will be needed.
  10. If server transfers are allowed, Aden with be heavy in nanoseconds. A fourth server with a timezone like GMT -1 will be needed.
  11. The sad thing is that the developers won't do anything now because it is weekend. The server is infested with afk players, fishermen and stores. Like 60-70% of the players are afk and we all know it.
  12. Guess everyone leaves their char online for fishing. So no one logs out.
  13. -Do not allow afk fishing. -Limit boxing to two per account. -Add auction house (although the classic feel of shops may be lost). -Disconnect when afk for 30mins in game or daily restarts. People will start leaving their characters permanently online to avoid the queue, effectively inflating the problem. @Juji @Hime
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