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  1. An Update on Greater Dyes

    +12 int on a sh...just imagine the damage output pretty much oneshoting everything that doesnt have a +7+8 jewel setup
  2. so he made a thread about something without even testing the theory? how shocking NOT
  3. it was on their twitch stream dont expect me to find the exact time on it lol
  4. How do i refund our money ?

    if ncsoft doesnt refund you talk to your bank tell them you didnt get what you got promised or with paypal whatever you did anyway
  5. i thought they said tiat is gmt+2
  6. i believe they outright LIED to everyone and the fact that they changed the rates to something bearable is the only evidence you need lineage 2 classic was never meant to be a mindless grindfest that takes the fun out of everything certainly it wasnt meant to kill off the pillar of the lineage 2 economy the dwarves and sell stuff they normally craft on the l2 store...and if the korean and tw version are to even take remotely serious many many other stuff will come to the l2 store essentially making it a p2p yes lineage 2 is about farming is about carebearing is also about pvping its also about pking its also about doing nothing and just chat with your clannies or going to mindless zergs on random parties at loa this is what made lineage 2 popular IT HAD COMPLETE FREEDOM but you never really played the game i guess the fact that you come on a forum to brag about your self is a sign of inferiority complex and nothing more just like those instagram models
  7. very few and probably all vips its insane that at sub 30 you get more materials than above 40 and now that innova opened a new eu server this is going to be fun
  8. close-gap for tyrants

    are you kidding? a dwarf with lets say full dynasty set and a+16 dynasty bow with archers will and +dex+str-con is literally a bleeping slow saggitarius with infinite cp pots to spam and a pattack close to 6k (depending on epics)just imagine if it gets a life stone with paralyse on it
  9. Raid Bosses (Aden)

    ah good times when destros with a +10 bow could reach 10k pattack... or when tyrants will vr dance and vr buff can kill any raid boss without a healer..
  10. Meanwhile in dragonvalley

    the problem is we that those that dont have vip and wont buy one to make that company more rich are risking being logged in and get disconnected when the server reach its peak capacity thus humpering the advancement.. the problem isnt the xp tables they are fine for me the problem is 1)getting disconnected 2) finding a spot that isnt filled with bots 3)being able to spoil ->which as it turns out we cant anymore.. so is there any reason for someone to wait for ncsoft to fix the damn server while there are already people in the 60+ category?no the server is already unbalanced the economy without bringing balanced rates wont recover and if they add paid teleport this week well it will be the end of it
  11. Enlighten Us

    the server got down the day of the "ertheia creation" thingy since then seems like something has changed
  12. RMT Playground

    just wait to see what will happen in 1-2 months when toi becomes the main point of interest for practicly every major clan
  13. Spoil nerfed again?

    maybe they are going full illegal server mode here you know untill 40 lvl spoil is x1 (LOL) after 40 spoil gets 0.5 knowning their past decisions i wouldnt be suprised if they introduce a rune just for increase the spoil chance
  14. Spoil nerfed again?

    spoiling for c and b grade scrolls here will be near impossible and only for rch bot masters that will lock down toi killing everyone i seriously dont get it who thought centralizing the most crucial parts and scrolls into one place was a good idea
  15. Rofl.

    its not worth it going to a server that is already on end game for at least 2 years now but on the other hand you simply cant stay on a server that essentially dwarves the main drive of economy are literally dead as a race and purpose