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  1. Some of my cp can't log since wendesday ofc they use vpn since we know how helpful is the staff.
  2. Banned Accounts?

    3 friends started to play few days ago(2 mages and elf fighter). We supported them with NG/D weps. 2 mages ~25 lvl are banned for real money trade and admins refuse to answer anymore after their deep investigation Elf tank is ~30 with cursed mangauche waiting for his ban also This is becoming shitshow
  3. Yes ETA is next server maintenance. Understand that Hime, Juji etc. are only like forum moderators, they have no rights to do anything, they just report to koreans and wait.
  4. Hahah sure Static means staying the same. Static. Stand. Stable. Yes, static IP addresses don't change.
  5. Man you fixed yes, but you have no idea why it worked. And if I have no router what to do or if I have router but payed for real ip? This problem is fixable only for ppl with DYNAMIC IP, I HAVE REAL IP!!! Its theese jokers who must fix this not players to look for solution by themselves.
  6. You needed 2 days to understand that? I bet you have no idea how to fix it and waited till now to respond. Known issue is that the whole staff of 3 ppl is incompetent.
  7. Random Banned /No explanation

    Why you complain. This is the hardcore experience they were talking about. SSF L2 (Solo Self Found), no trading allowed.
  8. Have you ever tried to farm crystals to access Baylor in other chonicle?
  9. Banned Accounts?

    Why you ban ppl for trading adena between thier own chars. Why you tell later ban is deserverd due to adena selling. Wtf did you atleast checked the IP? And this ignorant support... Whats the logic here to ban my box char for adena buying and not buying my main char for adena selling then? Why we must continue play here when you can but for anything you decide and then ignore?
  10. Banned Accounts?

    And the 4 different supports that answered to email that acc deserve ban for adena selling
  11. Banned Accounts?

    From main char mailed to box buffer (SE), moved this SE to new mage and traded it to to small mage. All is done from same person, same ip.
  12. Banned Accounts?

    Yesterday we made new mage to boost our friend sws who just started, so our cp member leveled up 20 level mage and transfered 2m adena to buy D wep. This 20 lvl mage with D wep is banned due to adena trading. Gms claim that our cp member sold adena to his box 20 lvl char and that the reason for ban. This is something new. @Juji, @Hime?
  13. Enchantment ***********

    Why you compare EU Offi to this one? This one is their own custom rates project so noone know.
  14. Enchantment ***********

    How u know that? Where you read that? There is no wiki for this server so noone know what are the server chances and we will never know. Or maybe admins will tell to check in wiki for some features and when its up to dates and drops is their own classic.

    Did you read my post? I GOT CLAN REP FOR KILLING HIM.