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  1. My reports with video proofs from forums were deleted and my acc suspended. I've reported same bots 3 times for 3 weeks with video proofs. After 1st week my ticket was marked as solved and bots from my video were not banned. Then again on second report same on 3rd. Thanks that i stopped playing after this.
  2. This is what we have, empty promises... Comment after update last week.
  3. Man what you talk about? What CON, what stun. If you are ~60 lvl and still didn't know that on classic stun is not affected by con... Move mouse over stats in game and check what you get as bonus. For oly SR is better than all archers, you will be in permastun due to sr's attack speed. Outside its total crap. PR is above all with fatal counter.
  4. Man you have no idea how this game work at all. Youre the one that was thinking pendants are for 30 days only. If you think population is the same gl.
  5. On giran server i know for like 200 ppl already left for sure. One more ally is thinking of leaving in few days. Giran is full of naked chars selling their full equipments. Alot ppl start spam that they trade adena on giran for adena on other servers (free servers). Most of ppl are also trying to sell their adena and cashout before the the complete death of giran. Have no idea about others servers.
  6. This server has very few features in common with normal classic version of the game. Maybe for ncwest its classic to have p2w, to reduce rates below 1, custom rates and drops.
  7. Runes on 60lvl raids must drop on 100% and 2 of them didn't drop today. What are the actual drop rates?
  8. Runes drop is removed from bosses lower than 60 lvl except epics - Core, Orfen, AQ. What is the idea behind that, what players win by this. Atleast RMT players that prepared their bot parites to farm lower raid will get rekt.
  9. And still noone mentioned that runes are deleted from bosses <60.
  10. I won't pay a single cent to this team and this server. For other classic yes but for this dev team nothing.
  11. LOL. When ppl were reporting low drop rates since the beginning all were flaming and repeating IT MUST BE HARD, IT MUST BE LIKE THAT. Now get used with it. Rate are not low or hard. Whole game is broken with theese rates. Ppl can't afford shots if they don't sell key mats they sell.
  12. You cant read like you make pks by mistake. Where I said something about %?
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