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  1. If we were told how many VIP4 there is on those servers, we would probably conclude that its still pay to play( in some ways). The free to play option is like meat for the pay-to-play(or progress)
  2. believe me i understand what you said. But people are complainig here by comparing with the old L2. IT always worked that way. I wish it werent. But we have to compare apple with apple. If people would stop buying we would not have that problem anymore. I wish it were true though.
  3. In a perfect world , its a big No its not acceptable. But as thing always were in any mmo there is point where they have to accpet some of it( they will never say it out loud but its matter of life snd death for them) . As i say people who buy from third seller are also those who pay for NCSOFT employe salary by buying coin too. Its more complicated than it looks. All they doing is controling it. If NCSOFT were in a real crusade againsr seller and buyers, chronos ang naia would be dead long time ago as we still can buy tremendous amount of money there. Is it acceptable? Should not. Should
  4. Just kill yourself 1 time dude lol. Everything is fine with PK system
  5. They have everythink they need to see guilty people. The point is how they manage thoses ban.
  6. Remember the is no light without evil. There is only balance between the 2 of them,
  7. First thank you @Hime and @Juji for new servers. Still work to do but it helped. For adena seller now. Thoses sellers have always been part of L2 economy. If people want the kind of economy there was before, they need to stay unfortunately. What NCSOFT need to do is control their population by banning them at specific time. I know it sound weird but hear this. Most of the player are old lineage 2 player that were spending infinite game time. Now most of em have famillies and dont have the time they had before but still wanna play their favorite game as before. Some will spend some money to he
  8. ya makes the game popular for the wrong reason lol 8-)
  9. Cut all benefits from afking, EVENTS, FISHING … ETC
  10. damn lots of people will log multiple account if they get benefits of AFKING
  11. yes they will, i am completing my 7 th lvl 20 character , its damn easy, money drop are better, you get coin for mats at 20 and you end up fishing. Ill give you the benefit of the doubt, we will se maybe 100 account out give or take, not more
  12. All those account will end up fishing probably or selling in town, so yes people will still get PC overheat, This will solve nothing, Just check the queu tomorow!!
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