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  1. All your theory becomes invalid, when the server would have to pay for playing and not play for free, then, you need to use the money you do not use for vip 4, to pay a subscription. SO u "You want to play the game as its meant to be played? then they have to remove all those advantages and they will have no reason to set rates so low for higher lvl monsters" got like a noob excuse. The Game Lineage 2 was made to be paid! to waste real money on first. so shut up!! and fix the rate for the VIPs!
  2. So. The plan Is the same if i buy adena from RMT and save that Money? $5 - BSSD NCStore to make adena farming Is Equal to buy $5 RMT Adena and i dont waste Time on farming? Nice plan saving... Amy Of 2 plans to make adena Is using RealMoney so P2W hahahaha
  3. ITS FRIDAY AND DEVS KNOW IT!!! Weekend Of beers, they wont discuss nothing at least on thuesday Next week.
  4. I want to join with my 2 Friends. We área 25+ AND 30+. I like this method Of clan.
  5. They dont care about oír complaining.... They got like 350kk USD$ with bad rate drop/adena/spoil AND bad server settings. With nothing nice to offert on the server. Bad administrativo, etc etc. Even they got a Lot Of Money with minimum effort. So why they Will care about listen the ppl? If anyway the start Of server was a big succesfull for His pockets. The make us pay More than a Subscription Of "other región" for VIP3/4 with less benefits Of "Other Region". Is like Pay me More for a worst products.
  6. Hi, Sorry for my english. The Exp bonus is included in that 1000xp, thats what i can understand from the bonus in chat. When u kill a mob, and say 1000exp (Bonus: 200exp) u arent gaining 1200exp... u gain 800 exp + 200 bonus (25%) = 1000 exp. Make the test with EXP and SP too.. Check u SP before kill a mob, then kill a mob, he said u gain 20 SP (Bonus: 2 SP) when u check ur SP in Skill List, u Gain 20 SP, Not 22 SP. Hopefully i can be understand it for my bad english. Told me if im wrong please.
  7. 50 ppl to kill the RBs Events? U are so Wrong... The RBs Events u can kill them SOLOing if u wants, And They are been killed within 2 secs after respawn every 20 mins. Just Read patch note before make a opinion.
  8. Same Here, I Got Soulshots when i select SpiritShot, What a waste of time... And GM's Dont Do Nothing to FIX @Juji @Hime Character Name: iKappy Server: Talking Island
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