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  1. I was able to log into server very early Sunday morning but trying now for over an hour & non-stop client drops while logging in. Amazed how many Adena sellers are sitting in towns. Pisses me off when I can't log into the game but the Adena sellers are allowed to stay on 24/7
  2. Yes Silvermoon. I've been trying to log in for an hour now & have only been able to start entering the code after selecting character before the client disconnects. Client seems to only allow 2 seconds for input time. May have to log into another server, change the code to a few 1's for fast clicking.
  3. On the 5th attempt and over 30 min later, I got in. Does not inspire me to spend any money here.
  4. After reading through old forum posts I found 1 post that someone from support suggested to another with same issue. Ping have your friend login from http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/
  5. Select Server, wait 5-10 min in que, disconnect ? Please fix this as this is now the 4th time for me today & once yesterday. Not a great way to start a game. I was going to load up on NCOIN & buy a Chronicle Pack after logging in but from all the problems I see others are having logging in after spending money, think I'll wait for now.
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