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  1. Forum's exploding every single day but they just wont give a flying duck
  2. Concerning wait time...

    server's logic is to throw 5 bucks just to get in. vip queue is not long and sometimes non-existant at all..at peak hours and weekends you might wait a maximum of 1 hour
  3. I need a response

    Also,what about the xp lost uppon death?Is the dev team uncapable of changing a few lines of code,or should we keep losing 10% + of exp?
  4. I need a response

    @Hime Besides the fact that working on an issue like this is like dev 101,you already lost a lot of players that if you had increased server capacity people would be interested to purchase you even more money..
  5. wtf

    Yeah it's actually funny because we purchase in order to get past the queue,but we're not even able to log in to apply the packs
  6. someone from the staff take a handling on this,needs to be fixed
  7. this needs to be fixed asap,we're waiting 15 minutes queues just to get in char selection and get dced in like 4 seconds.