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  1. Nobody is forced to buy anything on a F2P game,I agree. But how can someone keep VIP 0 status in Giran/TI servers? How can you "compete" in a "hardcore environment" if you spend half of the day on the queue? Does not this make you directly a customer,since you are forced to pay(if you want to actually play a decent amount of hours a day to actually make progress)at least,VIP 1 to log faster to the game,for example? Maybe the "hardcore environment" you are referring to also applies to waiting in the queue for hours and hours.
  2. The guy earning same money than you while doing nothing also doesn't affect you directly. Except,despite him having same position than you, you have to deal with him. Do you realise how stupid this is? You are basically saying: "He's not f****** me except the fact he's f****** me" Do you wanna know why I care about bots? Simple. Because I'm giving my time to play the game and i find it EXTREMELY unfair that an automated system can block me from progressing. I personally don't care if they earn money with it,as long as they do it THEMSELVES. But I highly doubt this i
  3. For you it's a game,for people selling adena for real cash is a business. An illegal business.
  4. How would you feel if someone in your workplace stands there doing nothing for 8 daily hours and gets the same monthly money than you when you WORKED YOUR ASS OFF to get that money? Would you not complain? Would you say:" It's fine,it doesn't affect me directly. I'll keep working my ass off while he scratches his b****"?
  5. Did you even read the whole post or did you just read what you wanted? If you like to get f***** in the a** it doesn't mean everyone likes it too. Will you pay for my transfer? I'm curious,cause I'm already level 40 and playing with an active/friendly CP. Will you pay all of our transfers? ... No? Then how about trying to understand the situation and shut the hell up?
  6. 0 respect for players/customers. I know @Juji and @Hime are not the ones to blame,but people have to rant somewhere. This is UNNACEPTABLE,I wanna play on a weekend having already bought VIP since practically release and I can't,cause queues for VIPs are 750+ and by the time I can play I would have gone to bed ! Bots,fishing,adena sellers,afk events... Is this what L2 is all about? It's my first time playing on an official L2 server(apart from the stupidity GoD is) and if it wasn't cause I have friends I want to play with,I would have already quit. Not because game's hard,just because NC
  7. Why don't you nerf Spider quest from 3.2k to 1k too? That's how it's supposed to be! Take away from the players every single way of making adena/progress,cause why not? ...
  8. 1. If you don't care about others opinions why even bother posting something on the forum? 2. Mana potions would DESTROY the game since mages (having the highest damage) would melt everyone non-stop. Do you want to make a good server? Start by not suggesting stuff that would unbalance classes.
  9. Zanfire,do you honestly think this is how it should be?
  10. So this is from Prima official game guide https://prnt.sc/l4nxnwDefend this. http://prntscr.com/l4nyyd
  11. So this is from Prima official game guide https://prnt.sc/l4nxnw Defend this. http://prntscr.com/l4nyyd
  12. Reusito


    Hey, You can't sell fishes on normal shop and people don't have the adena to buy them cause the adena rate is really bleeping low. I don't think anything will be profitable if they don't change the adena/spoil/drop rates.
  13. From what i've read you have to be at least VIP if you want to log in fast
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