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  1. I have the same problem, just got 2 times DC in 20-30 mins period of time. Talking Island, playing from Bulgaria. I got no such problems so far, this is new to me.
  2. Are you alright? Cause I think you are talking to yourself...
  3. Hello, can we have this time and in general some detailed info about these...rates? No one really knows around here what rates this NC West Classic servers are using. Juji mentioned some time ago that you doubled some of the rates, some just increased a bit etc. Is it a problem finally to present us, your players the rates of these servers. Adena drop, spoiling etc. I am pretty sure that you have the exact numbers of all the rates, but for one reason or another you are kinda hiding them from us. Why is that? Is it a big secret or..?
  4. Dear NC West, I have a suggestion for you. I remember not so long ago you just killed Fishing in live servers cause it was too profitable(lolz) so you are already having an experience how to kill Fishing. I suggest you to kill Fishing now and in Classic. I do not care how, remove it completely, made it completely useless etc. Just kill it so we can get rid of thousand of bots fishing and preventing a lots of real players to just log in and play this game.
  5. You can do that with killing just 2 spiders in TI, the ones from the quest for killing a spider for 30a back from NPC. I think it was a 15 level repeatable quest. You get the quest, kill 1 spider, return it. Get it again, kill 1 spider and return it. So x2 quests in a few seconds...
  6. You can not be serious. Some time ago it was, pay $5 to skip the queue. Now we evolved to, pay $5 to skip half the queue. What will be next? Pay $5 to wait just 10 hours and not 20?
  7. Got 3 low D grade boots and 6 pieces of low D jewel from drops last 2 days.
  8. Problem is that old forums are not available anymore I guess... Keyboard and/or mouse macros are not in game macros. Using them might not get you banned, but as Draecke pointed, you can use that on your own risk cause there is and a chance this to get you banned.
  9. I did not said it's fake or you did not killed it I just wanted to see the drops, that's all gj
  10. People already wrote lots of times that these Raids are just GoD ones which kinda... sucks
  11. You can at least show the screen with the actual drop, not mass SOE-ing Cool story
  12. Look on the bright side, you CAN store it in a private warehouse!
  13. How about removing everything from L2 Store except cosmetic items. They can keep VIP 1 to 4 with some 5 to 15% bonuses to XP.
  14. Switching one Pay To Win(Soulshots, XP etc) with another Pay To Win(Items). Well, logic!
  15. Just add an item with value $100 000 to receive a price "YOU WON THE GAME!". I am sure there will be someone which will buy it, no worries.
  16. It makes perfect sense if you are a company trying to milk as much as possible your customers instead of getting more money by giving your customers what they really want. Logic...
  17. The game should be renamed to Spider Quest II. Will suit perfectly.
  18. This game should not even have queues like that in the first place.
  19. Man, do we even play the same game, lol? Cheaters...guess that the bots fest in the servers are not cheaters then? Network problems...guess the Login Queue is not a network problem then? Are you really sure you are playing Lineage II Classic at NCWest servers..?
  20. We are speaking in very different languages here, there is no point to waste my time with you GL and HF.
  21. I am 42 and I already said I am not crying. I spent already tons of money in this game and I said to myself that I will not spent a dime more in this game and I will stick to that. It is not about the money, it is about the services we are getting from NCSoft/NCWest and their greedy thinking trying at all cost to force people to pay in a so called FREE TO PLAY game. What is that hard to understand about that when you have eyes and a brain and you can use them...
  22. Actually this is your problem and to everyone who is trying to play the game. Without real players playing the game you will left with Fishers and bots which are doing their RMT. And guess what, people will be forced to buy adena from RTM sellers cause most of them will not be able to farm the amount of adena they will need to gear their toons. If this is the game you want, continue thinking this way and you will get it rather sooner than later. Mark my words.
  23. First - I never cried for 5 USD. Second - I bet I spent in times more real cash than you in L2 Official. Third - how about you take those sockets, socks or whateva and eat them.
  24. This game is promoted as Free to Play. You can not tell or force people to pay any amount of money, $5, $1, 1 cent etc. cause in that case game will be Pay to Play. Simple as that. The game was never promoted as Pay to Login...
  25. I can notice some improvement with the queue. I started two clients, both got like 400 queue and after like 1 hour both went in game. Problem came like 10-15 mins after that. Both my clients got DC. My question here is - is this will be the new trend with fixing? Able to log in much faster and then after a while having a DC?
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