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  1. Do you understand that what you asking isnt support, but endorsement of predatory pratices? The KR devs dont really care about us, we (western audience) are the left over... their real target are the KR players. The only ones here they care are the whale's wallets. Are you sure that they need to push to pay? Cause DE dont do that with warframe and a lot of people buy plat to support DE. I myself do that all the time... i have 17k+ plat, and i just buy cosmetics once in a while. what you asking wont make people pay, will only make them leave and the whales will stay. I will alwa
  2. I think you missunderstand something here... i think no body that was say 1.5 rates were asking for 1.5x, but the rates that were implemented on 1.5 version of the classic client. The 1.0 version had lower rates than the 1.5 version, and the first week of the server the rates were lower tah the 1.0 version. The only think i really want is that they give us a data base with our real rates so everybody can see/know what is what in this server
  3. Yeah... i think you missed my point... or not, since your reply is what they want. To make people spend money to have fun. Again, i was not trying to offend you, i was explain that is much more lucrative for then to keep the rates as they are so you need to spend money to have fun. The main office is in a place that spend money to have fun is accepted. I personally know people from JP, and one of them stays, most of his time, in KR cause of his work. They all tell me that usually the mid class works around 10h/d, 6d/w and sometimes dont get days off, so... p2w is what they came up to giv
  4. I'm not trying to offend you, but you do realize that the server is a mess cause people like you, dont you? Again, i'm not trying to insult you, but no matter now much noise we do, while people spend more than the subscription fee on ncstore, they will not change the rates. Yeah the game is "free" cause there are those who spend much more than what is need/health. Dont get me wrong, i'm not againt to spend money in what you like, its your money, you o what you see fit. I myself spend money in games cause gamming is my hobbie, and i usually do buy currency in games that respect me, he
  5. I was point were was said that the game is 1.5 I agree with you, gaming is hobby. And as you put "free", but not really. You do realize that they are doing the same shit as EA, actvision, 2k are doing with loot boxes, dont you? I'm good to playing with no rush, and slowlly progressing, the teve the problem is the pay wall that they will put to force you to spend money. I'm not asking to change the rates, as a low lvl player i can see that what they doing is killing a game that i love, i'm asking for transparence. Just it, be honest with us and provide the real rate. Agai
  6. They did on the live stream, and the patch notes, a pdf with 68 pages. The first page has: Lineage II: Classic – Chronicle 1.5 (Age of Splendor) Patch Notes Release Date: October 3, 2018
  7. Just ignore man... he is incapable to understand that what many are asking is what they told they would give us. I like hard games, but i love respect. What ncsoft did (again) was disrespectful to say at least (crime were i live).
  8. Imo the real prob is that we dont know the real rates for us. Well... when you are told that a product/service is one thing, and what is delivery is another, at least in my country, doesnt end only in refunds. If someone goes to the consumer's rights agency and file a complain, the company has to pay fees to the goverment (dont know the value, varies case by case) and to the consumer (usually the same amount charged by the product/service). Dont get me wrong, i also agree that we need to learn to play by the server rules, but as i said, we dont know the rules. Week 1 i wa
  9. You have a point... my bad. My intention was say something in a no hostile threads, many of the threas i saw were more of a rant than a conversation, but you are right, the forum is a mess and i'm not helping. I dont think they have the man power to organize all the mess, the first week was reallly bad, now is just bad cause a lot already quit. Have to work cu mates
  10. I know you are trolling, but you do realize by m post that i dont really care about my lvl, just about farm my stuff? I'm posting cause i cant really play now... was able to only farm 87 iron ores, when i farm the 330 iron ores i will kill my spoiler to go back to lvl 25, and probally will do the same for my "suppporters"
  11. I'm do not have a vast knowledge in this area, so i will take your word for it But what I can tell you is that the "so called deep web" exist. One of the few guys I still keep in tought from my ex-fiance college is a stalker, and he once talked and showed to me what he learned at the deeo web. There is this camgirl called alice that he is "in love" for lack of better term from new zeland, he was not able to pin point were she lives, but he discovery almosr every thing about her. Her entire famly name and profession, her parents adress, her brother adress/profession and reservation for a w
  12. You have a point there. TBH I didnt remember that guide at all.
  13. Yeah... you post sound a bit "inflamatory", i will try to explain some of your points from a no-american point of view (I'm BR) I don't how long you are playing L2, but in the early days (not only on L2, bot every MMORPG in the early 2000s) american were pretty much extremely hostile to other country citizens, so... as the vast majority of gamers are in theirs 30's (i'm included), you can count that many will be hostile (maybe justified, but i'm not so sure) to americans. I lost the count how many times i was called monkey or worse, but as I do know that each one is different and dont jus
  14. Yeah, 1x is already good to the game, or at least reveal the real and unic rate for all lvl ranges. That would be a good thing to work on: eliminate the bots, but we all know that RMT, unfortunatelly, will always be here. To us it's a game, for them it's a gold mine! Someone on Dofus forum posted a link to a documentary showing how the RMT "industry" works, and thas was enlighting... they pay good to know hackers from deep web to bypass anti-cheats like xincode and make milions per month. At the recording of the documentary (i think it was in 2008 or so) was something like
  15. Neither do i have problem with spend more than 1 day to craft, clarifying what is my concern: we do not have a data base to be sure what our rates are. I'm all in for "hardecore farm", but i would like to be informed of that first. People are claiming that we already had a ninja nerf for higher lvls (40+). I cracked my head open in the first week to make money when we had no drops, and already had started try to get some NG recipes (forest bow, sword of reflection and short spear). I was "forced" to start again, and have no complains of that cause i'm still cautious about p2w item on l2s
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