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  1. You can take that blue whale any time.
  2. Swapping the ethernet cables again?
  3. Physical Skill Critical Damage: Which Items Have It?

    or just do a little research, ask questions to solve this issue
  4. Cloack enchant

    best topic ever
  5. Delay between auto attack hits on Naia

    Its been since 2019 august. Keep waiting for the miracle
  6. lol the outsource response from the mcdonalds guy
  7. Fury of eviscerator

  8. lol when people throwing out thousands for a 15 year old game and waiting for miracles

    when you are a hardcore hellokitty player and start to complain about game mechanics
  10. Lineage 2 remastered

    Dont expect anything positive if it is going to be under NC
  11. Better not say anything next time. This was one of a very few options what can make your situation much worse
  12. Fix this

    " any l2store event laughs in the background "
  13. You wanted the hellokitty pk mode, you got it. All the time crying because you lost a few items due to pk "abusers" while on full macro and being lazy to add 2 more rows
  14. Can't log in ..come on

    There is a routing issue in murica. Just open a ticket and copy the traceroute result the server you play.