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  1. RIP 17 years of original L2 icons.
  2. golden era of lineage top non-banned bots crying, lineage became a kindergarten, now i have to watch out to not be reported.
  3. 5 years ago this was a sinking ship, now this is a sank submarine in the bottom of mariana trench.
  4. Just a month till the first anniversary. What even you gonna put for it @Juji
  5. Reporting Harrasments

    instead of redlibra spam we have these reporter topics soon thankfully to all of you any pvp or pk will be completely extinct, turning the game into a farming simulator keep going with the reports, also read the basics about this game
  6. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Dunno this bug exist since forever, nobody was ever banned. You can reproduce the same in Hot springs or Forge of the gods.
  7. hi Guys Boring game

    botmacro until you reach 105, pick a dual, repeat, realize you have zero equipment for higher level content, quit
  8. this is the end for the ultimate hellokitty players farm afking 24/7 and reporting you if you take their farming spot
  9. Keep the 1 year anniversary, put there a cash shop event so people can gamble with 0 rates and transfer to EU.
  10. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    another hellokitty tears, unbelievable cant even imagine whats going to be the next reason to cry for all these pinky players
  11. Dunno what is yeti client or bad axis from client logs, neither these. I just got this screenshot from a friend. Sneaky soft I guess.
  12. Cant wait the hellokitty tears for nerfed exp and rep.
  13. I havent submitted anything. I just posted an exotic Juji screenshot here, thats all. I dont need any gear, I have won L2.