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  1. Nerf octis and Istina

    You know that you have drop penalty right? You guys are doing with the highest levels instances and you expect drops
  2. What are you listening to right now?


    If you have in this crappy new launcher an option to remember 5 different IDs you should also put an option to remember passwords for them so people dont need to open 5 times the launcher to play. https://i.imgur.com/OjjS9ww.jpg Just an idea. This new launcher is 5 times slower than the previous one, at least do some optimization with it. Edit: Also if you put the game icon to the desktop make it possible to launch the game instantly. No blizzard style plz.
  4. Max Clan Fail ppl

    Wish we would still have the old pk system not this hellokitty online style
  5. Known Issue: Server Queues

    Its 2019 and people are still paying for services where you dont have any option for refund
  6. Since they were reducing it every year by 500 or 1k I would tip 1.5k, since labys counter doesnt work anymore and im sure the last time I have seen was around 2k online.

    How can you copy this crappy table with this text, its pretty annoying, I wanna know it too.
  8. Were you even degrading the servers while getting newer and newer versions of the game? Somehow you need to cut the budget but not this way.
  9. Known Issue: Server Latency

    That ranking was removed due to bots also. I can tell you the romanian guy is still not banned and his bots from this list are still ingame. This screenshot is from 2013 https://i.imgur.com/riEhPJT.jpg
  10. Bot in game

    you must be new here
  11. Outdated hardware. Dunno if you remember, we had in 2012 8k player limit each server but they magically lowered every year the limit. Now we are barely at 1.5k and the servers are crying
  12. Game is unplayable now!

    5/10 only. They didnt suggest to reinstall the game, reinstall directx, check your internet connection or ping their server Your "optimism" is too much.
  13. Lag Issues

    bots unlimited macro players dying game
  14. Main - Dual exchange service

    When you state that you wont waste more money on a game then you decide to suggest an idea how to waste your money. Where is the logic?