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  1. How to get rid of remaining pvp, get rid of carebear people whining and integrate tower function into Lineage2 without being dead on afk macro? Fafurion update.
  2. New Pack L2store

    PK was and still is a feature of the basic Lineage. If you are that useless that you cant write a simple macro, just dont use it. Automated macro is a feature to help your gameplay with dualboxes. You are not letting your house to get robbed while sleeping and not waking up, right? If you are spending that amount of money on a dying game at least think.
  3. Fafurion update!

    You can also plan to merge the servers.
  4. Prelude to War

    You must be new here.
  5. It was the biggest mistake to implement such a thing like this. It is going to be the same with the new PK system. PK was the part of the game since it was introduced, now it will be a carebear update. Just laughing on every person who is bragging about dropped L2Store items, you deserve it. For the first time im with NC and a few people, at least this crying is motivating me to get a little bit extra equipment from the afker macro heroes
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    It was all the time almost the same, between 2012 and 2016 we had 2 sides, but at least they had the logic to let the smaller clans have a little bit of fun. Had to bump this since everyone is just ignoring, just measuring the e**** on each other ... Funny people, half of them was sold,renamed,botted more times than I have fingers Those were times, especially the first Lindvior when they came. https://youtu.be/nBJgkM8H2Nk
  7. Reports and Anti-Bots System

    Developers and management doesnt exist. Report button was never working. Antibot system is almost working.
  8. Keep the current system, PK was always like this. Carebear update for the 24/7 macro players. Disable the macro loop or give some kind of time limit for it.
  9. Just almost true, check out the top tier players. Here logic doesnt work.
  10. Main class change

    If you are willing to pay for a service like this you should simply reroll, the wasted Ncoins for the service just put into a gambling event and you are done. With the bound Ncoin items next time you should simply think to not waste.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    So no more link previews, neither a little hint about why, also my first post is censored. My guess is that you can go deeper. Also a song for the magician https://youtu.be/iTFrCbQGyvM
  12. Remember gameguard blocking procmon and procexp too? Its a hacking tool.
  13. For all the people, kinda bored to repeat myself every year, just scroll down abit when you are buying any kind of stuff for Ncoins ... Till then all what I can do is
  14. What are you listening to right now?

  15. Stuck at server selectio!!

    Is your host file fine?