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  1. Dunno what is yeti client or bad axis from client logs, neither these. I just got this screenshot from a friend. Sneaky soft I guess.
  2. Cant wait the hellokitty tears for nerfed exp and rep.
  3. I havent submitted anything. I just posted an exotic Juji screenshot here, thats all. I dont need any gear, I have won L2.

  5. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    too much effort hellokitty players
  6. back after 3yrs

    Who would tell you that
  7. New P2W item.

    I will buy for sure but only 69.
  8. LIneage 2 Remastered Unreal Engine 4.0

    2023 April 1st
  9. LIneage 2 Remastered Unreal Engine 4.0

    2028 May 1st is the release date, Juji confirmed at twitter, coming together with Lineage II NA Essence Remastered Ultra + 5G Lite version
  10. PK Abuse

    Lineage II : The awakening of the hellokitty players
  11. Why don't pk drop?

    People were begging because they couldnt bot with macro 24/7 due to "abusers" so NC implemented a hellokitty style pk mode. Wish I could pk drop all the current bots anywhere just to get rid of this lame situation.

    i wouldnt even care with this built in bot, you just set the macro and let it