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  1. Better not say anything next time. This was one of a very few options what can make your situation much worse
  2. Fix this

    " any l2store event laughs in the background "
  3. You wanted the hellokitty pk mode, you got it. All the time crying because you lost a few items due to pk "abusers" while on full macro and being lazy to add 2 more rows
  4. Can't log in ..come on

    There is a routing issue in murica. Just open a ticket and copy the traceroute result the server you play.
  5. Underground chests

    The materials are the new ones in the old Underground box. I have opened cca 250 boxes, got the new mats angel feather, black mithril, dragon scale, oriharukon ore. This is beyond pathetic, they just cut another adena income with 0 explanation, the chests doesnt contain any kind of appearance modifiers. https://i.imgur.com/7AqkER1.png
  6. Loss of xp when dies

    You also dont want to die from any player, right? The carebear is strong in this one. Hardcore old players
  7. Underground chests

    https://i.imgur.com/6JMIK6y.jpg This one is still actual. I might have an anti ncsoft script feature on my puding faced dwarf since from my other 15k boxes were deleted.
  8. Yeah, they like to *ee into the wind I guess I can leave and cash out totally
  9. @Juji Love the ninja remove about the underground chests. Even the html code is deleted from the npc. Its not stated in the patchnotes, only the Hero ones. Ninja politics as always You guys just deleted a few thousand material and hair accesory boxes from me, got around 500k adena as compensation
  10. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Wheres the guy who told that you must pay to enjoy the game. He is your answer, I mean our saviour, the last "hope" of this game
  11. Banhammer

    You are asking to ban those who are milking. What gonna stop a 3 or 7 days ban? Just quit and cash out, makes it much more logical.
  12. Latest exploit observed

    Yet every "newbie" (dunno whos coming to play with this) is crying about the bots. Be happy that you have a little life, it wont be forever, cant imagine with the new updates how many crying people gonna quit
  13. Latest exploit observed

  14. You all keep falling into the same trap every day. Is any of you going to learn?

    Deja vu. Spend your spare money for a new toon, its easier.
  16. Disable antialiasing and HDR effects
  17. People just simply got bored. They are still around, dont worry.
  18. Just wait a few days till they are going to brag about zero drops and adena nerf
  19. lineage 3

    Half life 3 confirmed.
  20. Keep wasting. In the next update you will be able to enchant it till 10
  21. Nerf octis and Istina

    You know that you have drop penalty right? You guys are doing with the highest levels instances and you expect drops