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  1. Dunno what is yeti client or bad axis from client logs, neither these. I just got this screenshot from a friend. Sneaky soft I guess.
  2. Cant wait the hellokitty tears for nerfed exp and rep.
  3. I havent submitted anything. I just posted an exotic Juji screenshot here, thats all. I dont need any gear, I have won L2.

  5. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    too much effort hellokitty players
  6. back after 3yrs

    Who would tell you that
  7. New P2W item.

    I will buy for sure but only 69.
  8. LIneage 2 Remastered Unreal Engine 4.0

    2023 April 1st
  9. LIneage 2 Remastered Unreal Engine 4.0

    2028 May 1st is the release date, Juji confirmed at twitter, coming together with Lineage II NA Essence Remastered Ultra + 5G Lite version
  10. PK Abuse

    Lineage II : The awakening of the hellokitty players
  11. Why don't pk drop?

    People were begging because they couldnt bot with macro 24/7 due to "abusers" so NC implemented a hellokitty style pk mode. Wish I could pk drop all the current bots anywhere just to get rid of this lame situation.

    i wouldnt even care with this built in bot, you just set the macro and let it

    its 4 time less, everything is the same like before the server boost there is nothing wrong with that screenshot
  14. After Update

    Account creation is not enabled.
  15. PK for Spot

    Your answer is in the 2nd quote. I do daily 200+ PK, cleaning bs and hb from the afk macro bots. Since you cant get any adena and equipment from pk anymore, this is just another way to change your nickname colour. Its just a warning for those who are trying to abuse the pk bug what we had in the past.
  16. Google Lineage 2 Community Discord.
  17. hwid flag works fine
  18. lol you almost missed a few days with libra spam
  19. Mistake....

    which server you play
  20. PK for Spot

    ok no more words for the newbies, enjoy the pink world
  21. PK for Spot

    pk is and was part of the game, sadly with crap nerfs in the past if you keep the public posts about pks you can count that you will be hunted by unnamed people 24/7 btw, farmville doesnt have a pk system
  22. https://bit.ly/3bIDMMm