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  1. Just because they not strong enough dont mean u have right to take they spot..also think they have to find spot aswell and how the game is now is like 1 hour looking spot...
  2. idk if this is a bug but the link for teleport Plunderous Plains is missing from schuttgart
  3. There is a even cheaper way, get a strong friend archer or nuker and pull mobs for him in time hunting zone and u will get adena for start gear up
  4. Exalted quest dont ask anymore for special main or dual level, they just want lv not matter if are the main or dual, and book can take only with main if im not wrong
  5. Circlet can get from quest, if im was u , im would save for a cloak +10 or buy a cheap jewells, like tezza,zaken,AQ and Earth Wyrn and start saving adena for more expensive jewells and armor pve
  6. idk how u made ur macro for your buffer, but in the end should put /target %self, it keep casting when your buffer not have the buff
  7. What did happen with drop, im being farming like 6/7 hs and not even a single material drop ...
  8. these are the quest Lv95 Lv99 Lv100
  9. iJulian

    Reversal Stream

    just left it in inventory and will be consume each time u use skill
  10. iJulian

    Reversal Stream

    it need 6 Soulstones
  11. circlet of authority from quest, elmore cloak +7 ~ 10, opal lv3 ~4, and later maybe work in a bloody armor and bloody weapon. Dye +5 STR
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