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  1. Dual class

    ppl looking tyrr that can pull sos or elven
  2. Macro loop deletion

    I dont understand why complain about macro, if u no wanna use dont , but other ppl use it for speed up they faction or anything they find useful, just delete because u no like is very bad thinking
  3. WTT/S

  4. WTT/S

    WTT/S R99LA+8 FE 10b or heavy same WTS Ultimate Lv. 3 Jewelry Box 1.7b WTS My Teleports flag/scrolls x80/x40 all them for 800m pm/mail here or ingame iJulian
  5. Golden Compass - Feoh PoV

  6. Fast Kama

    very nice
  7. Fresh trash from the amateur league

    i like the fight vs healer, u almost win