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  1. Hey everyone, Demised leader of RICE here. I think things are pretty clear here. There is no reason to keep beating a dead horse about rates. NCwest has their own agenda in these regards, I'm not going to even begin speculating motives. Lets be adults here and move on to other important issues still at hand. Here is what I'd like to address. Bots! ~ No one likes them. They aren't going anywhere. They've been here for 14 or so years. My question to @Juji @Hime what is the most effective thing we can do as a community to assist in this problem. I know you've made a post directi
  2. You have solid logic there. But in my experience being one of the highest levels on Aden server. There are some serious inconsistancies that make it harder for the casual player. I will survive, endure, and reap the rewards. But everything that I do doesn't matter much if everyone else has too hard of a time competing. These things could simply be fixed by changing adena rates to be more consistent. I don't care about drop rates and spoil rates. Those being lower just makes things more valuable when farmed. But certain areas like Sea of Spores and Cemetery are just absolute trash. There is lit
  3. @Hime I don't know who did your research for you to come to this conclusion. But there is a huge difference in drop rates being challenging and adena rates being incorrect. VIP does not effect the drop rate of adena or the amount. So why would adena rates at lower level be much higher than most level 50+ areas? That a massive imbalance. If you sincerely think this, you will be signing the death of Lineage 2 classic.
  4. I don't know your game experience. But farming as an archer without SS is a horrible experience. But lets say I do. Killing mobs at my level, or even 6 levels lower in solo spots. That would take an average of 10-14 arrows depending on crits and such. Which means the mobs are going to take 2-3 times longer to kill. Which means Instead of getting 28k~ adena an hour I'll be making less. Not to mention archers wear light, and don't have any sustain, so it's likely that will result in down time. That isn't a solution to any problem. Using a bow without SS on 2-3x hp mobs isn't realistic at all. So
  5. Thank you for your response! It is much appreciated. I completely understand everything regarding this topic is sensitive information. As much as everyone would like a definitive answer and to hear that the problems will be solved tomorrow. We can be rational and reasonable here. It warms my heard to know that you guys are aware of problems in the game and hope you're able to come about with fixes in due time. We have a great community here, I've played with a lot of them and talked to even more. Give the people a Lineage 2 classic they can happily play and I promise you the support will
  6. Since the servers are down, I figured I'd take the time to make my first post here on Classic. I'll begin by introducing myself. My name is Demised, I'm the leader of Clan RICE on Aden server. I've played Lineage 2 for a long time, starting with beta into Prelude. I was an original member of RICE on Lionna. I'm currently a level 55 PR running duo with my prophet. Pleasure to be here, and to meet you all. So I'd like to address the issue based upon my experience in game so far. The NA classic server rates are partially in a really bad state. Now before you jump to conclu
  7. A little background information about myself. I played Lineage 2 when I was 13 years old. I started in Prelude. I played through the good times and the bad. For over 8 years. Some of those times were on and off in the later years. Shout out to anyone from Lionna. A special hug to all my homies from INVINCIBLE alliance. OG Phantom Ranger from RICE. Good to see you guys if you're here with me 15 years later. On to what I came here to say. I understand that Lineage 2 classic (Prelude) was released a long time ago. It wasn't a perfect game, and it still isn't. They've made several quality of
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